Jade Kevin Foster Australia’s most followed Instagram and reality TV star spends $50,000AUD on 28th birthday

Jade Kevin Foster is Australia’s most followed reality TV star. Jade Kevin Foster is also an Instagram influencer and Australian male model. Jade, known for his impressive lifestyle, also did something special during his 28th birthday.

It is clear from several sources that Jade Kevin Foster spent $ 50,000AUD on his 28th birthday. Yes you read well $ 50,000AUD. Now you are certainly wondering what Jade did. Well he hired the whole 72nd floor of the Australian Meriton Hotel. In addition, he was picked up in a private helicopter to be taken to lunch after being gifted Diamonds and Prada. it must have been a special day for Jade! The Instagram influencer and reality TV star has once again managed to add something special to his list of fascinating things he has already done. However, Jade Kevin Foster is not someone who only thinks about himself. He is known for his commitment to the community.

This attractive 28-year old star has taken the internet by the storm multiple times in the past few years and seems to have a great interaction with the camera and the public behind it. As he suggests, his goal is to try and spread the positive vibes through his modeling and help people of different beliefs and orientations be heard. Jade Kevin Foster has clearly committed himself to charity several times. In addition to being a clear advocate of human freedom, he has also helped various charities in recent times. It is nice to see that famous people draw attention not only to themselves, but also to other people who need it.

Jade Kevin Foster is someone we will hear more about in the near future! He shows life from different angles and is ready for all groups and people. This makes Jade Kevin Foster a star