Watching animated series of different genres for free on the trusted site is one of the first priorities especially for kids who are below the age of twelve. It is undeniable that sometimes, adults like to watch anime series with their beloved ones.

Are you looking for trusted or reliable sites where you simply watch exciting animated series? If yes then you are landed at the right place. No doubt, watching different genre animated series on the trusted sites gives you a lot of options which makes series or episode more interesting.

Before selecting the website to watch new animated series for free then make sure to keep lots of things in mind such as the availability of genres, video quality options and many more so that anime lovers can enjoy a lot.

Three best sites to watch anime series for free

In order to know about popular websites to watch exciting animated series then you must read the below-mentioned points carefully.


Crunchyroll is one of the best or popular anime website where the anime lovers can watch different genre series or episodes with stunning features that gives a great experience. It allows the users to watch different animated series from the comfort of their homes, but they must have an operating device and strong internet connection.


Funimation is another famous site that allows the anime users to watch series or episodes at any time and any place by just going through the main menu. This particular website is famous for releasing dubbed foreign content in the local language like anime series or TV shows as well.

If the anime lovers opt for the Funimation site then they will be able to watch thousands of series and enjoy a lot with their beloved partners while sitting on the couch.


AnimeDao is a great anime website that has good ratings on the internet because of its great quality video content, ease of use, better sound system and availability of content that anime lovers preferred to watch anime series.

It is one of the preferable anime websites because it has smooth streaming and gives an option to the anime users to adjust the video quality ranging from 340p to 1080p at any time and any place as well.

AnimeDao site also offers dubbed option that allows the users to watch the series in their local language and fun with their beloved ones from all over the world. More importantly, make sure to watch the series or episodes of that quality which suitable for your internet connection. If you are looking for a site where you simply watch different genre anime series with better options then you must opt for

Conclusive detail

These are the popular or top-rated anime sites where the users can watch different genre series and deal with better options such as adjustable video quality and preferred language that gives them a better experience.