Everything You Need To Know About CBD


CBD has become a popular topic as there are countless studies, articles, and products out there on the internet that praise CBD for its benefits. If you’re interested in what the hype is all about, read on! 

Is CBD Legal?

Simply put, yes. However, be advised that while CBD is federally legal, it’s important to check state laws before deciding to purchase CBD products. 

In 2014, The Farm Bill passed allowing state governments to legally research and grow industrial hemp under state-regulated pilot programs. In the past, CBD had acquired a bad reputation after being associated with marijuana. Once the Farm Bill, specified that hemp and hemp-derived products with less than 0.3% THC would now be classified separately from marijuana cannabis, perceptions of CBD started to change. 

The Farm Bill was revised in 2018, which stated that the growth, production, consumption, and sale of hemp-based products across the United States would be legalized. This made hemp products with 0.3% or less THC federally legal. It’s important to note that this did not legalize marijuana-derived CBD products. 

While hemp-derived CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC are legal, laws may differ across state lines. Some states may not allow the sale or purchase of CBD products. For example, while CBD is legal in all forms except for food/beverage in states like Arizona and California, CBD is illegal in all forms in states like Idaho and Iowa.

What Can CBD Be Used For?

CBD can be ingested and applied topically, though researchers are still exploring new ways to incorporate CBD into daily routines. Research suggests that CBD can have many healing benefits, that can be used as a remedy to many different illnesses and ailments. 

Some researchers believe that CBD may help address: 

Anxiety – Studies suggest that CBD may have positive side effects in the way the brain’s receptors respond to Seratonin. Researchers believe that CBD may be a safe and effective component to help reduce stress, decrease the physiological effects of anxiety, improve the symptoms of PTSD, and help those that suffer from insomnia. 

Seizures – Studies have shown that CBD may be a possible treatment for epilepsy. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the first-ever cannabis-derived medicine for childhood epilepsy syndromes called Epidiolex. It has not yet been confirmed whether CBD may be a potential cure for epileptic seizures, although researchers continue to investigate the different benefits and treatments CBD may provide. 

Neuroprotective – Understanding where receptors are located in the brain can help researchers understand how CBD can support neurodegenerative disorders such as strokes, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Pain Relief – There have been numerous studies surrounding CBD as an ingredient for pain management with a variety of ailments such as muscle pain, MS pain, muscle pain, and Arthritis.

Anti-Acne – CBD is believed to improve the immune system. This, in turn,  may help to address overall inflammation throughout your body. Additionally, researchers believe that CBD may be an important and beneficial component to help treat and prevent acne, along with other skin concerns such as Psoriasis and Eczema. 

Researchers are still studying the known and unknown benefits of CBD, though the possibilities are truly endless.

Will I Experience a “High”?

Absolutely not. Of the 80 biologically active compounds, THC  (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) are the two most commonly studied compounds of the cannabis plant. There has been a common misconception that CBD will get you “high.” Although they are closely related, there are key differences between the two. 

THC and CBD are very different, though they are often mistaken for each other. The two compounds act on different receptors in the brain and your body. THC is commonly known for its ability to enable a “high” feeling, while CBD is nonpsychoactive and will not give you the feeling of being “high.”

For years, CBD has been studied because of its healing nature and therapeutic properties. As research continues, it’s clear that people are becoming extremely interested in all that CBD can offer. The health and science communities have continued to encourage the use of CBD and have begun to educate consumers to look to CBD as a safe and natural medicinal alternative. 

Strict standards and regulations in the United States, have allowed CBD to gain popularity and interest. Many have decided to implement CBD in their wellness routines. 


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