Is Newretro.Net Legitimate or scam? Do we trust newretronet? Newretronet

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In this article, you can find our review and opinions about the website, named  Newretro.Net.

Have you ever heard Synthwave? What about Retrowave? It’s a music genre.  Synthwave is the rebirth of the disco-pop and electronic music of the 80’s. The rebirth of the synthesizer and the disco culture of the 80’s.

Newretronet is the most famous representative of this genre on Instagram.  They have 143.000 followers on Instagram, as of the date of 05.11.2020. I think I have been following their Instagram profile for 5 years.  What makes them famous is not the number of their followers. Their nonstop support for the synth-wave bands and their collaboration with the musicians. They are also really active on Youtube. Apparently, they are professional musicians.

Is this website really reliable?

My first is that the website is encrypted by a 256-bit SSL certificate.  Therefore, they can not reach your credit card info.

My First  Transaction at

I spend some time on the website and I can say that the website looks really classy. I suddenly want to buy something at the site. However, as a principle, I never buy something expensive on my first purchase.  Thus, I ordered sunglasses which are 23 dollars.  I paid it by credit card. After the payment transaction is completed, info about transaction confirmation was sent to me by e-mail and by SMS.


The day after, a staff from the customer support emailed me and told me that my product is shipped. The language was very polite. Four days later, sunglasses are shipped to my post box. (I live in Brooklyn)  One day, I was really busy with my work and when I came home, I completely forgot about the sunglasses. However, the sunglasses were in my postbox. I was very happy about that.  When I opened the box, I saw very beautiful sunglasses. It was the best sunglasses that you can buy at 23$ without any exaggeration.  I visited their website immediately and wrote down a good review.


I am satisfied with my first shopping. They have polite and caring customer support service. However, this is not enough experience to evaluate a store.  I am thinking about give an order again sometime soon. I will edit this article after that order and add the extra information.


After I published this article, staff from the Newretro.Net made contact with me and told me that they are delighted with this article, and they want to send my next order as a gift. They sent me an amazing pair of shoes.  I will write a review blog about them at the weekend. Thank you for your kindness.

Thank you for reading.