Gabriel Comfort, known by the artist name “Bonni3” is an amazing role model for the youth!

Who is Bonni3? 

Gabriel Comfort has recently just published her first book titledChristian Nicole Promotions-Creating A Brand. This ebook is a short guide to help entrepreneurs with simple yet effective information. It touches on what methods she used when she began her musical career as Bonni3 and her self proprietary career running Christian Nicole Promotions. She has been very consistent with her ventures within the music industry and digital marketing realms. She has also been featured recently on Medium.Not only has she released a book she has released an album titled Bonni3 No Clyde which is now on all major platforms ! As 

an entrepreneur she has made it very obvious she wasn’t always successful within her own business. She had to start at ground zero just like everyone has to. 

New releases Gabriel “Bonni3” Comfort has just released not only her first ebook on Amazon, but is now set to drop one of her major singles featuring an Orlando artist named “24Kayz”. This single is produced with one of her long time collaboration friends “Nicodemus Legatus” she has worked on a number of tracks with this producer including “Get The Money”, “Real ones” and many other records ! They seem to be an amazing duo with an amazing style together. This new single she is releasing is called “A Hunnid” and will be on all major platforms. She will also be shooting a video this summer for the song and pushing it to all major publications. Recently one of her tracks with Nicodemus Legatus was just aired on 102 FM in Russia. They both are very key to the others success and will continue creating throughout the year. As much as Bonni3 appreciates her music, her entrepreneurial ventures have been in the forefront for some time now considering her expertise within the music industry. She says “I love being an Artist, but being able to help another creator makes me just as happy”. She also says “hopefully my single will take off as I project, but if not I have always been successful with my brand and find it just as fulfilling”. 

Contact email: [email protected]