Important things that you need to know about underbite


An underbite is an orthodontic condition that is very common these days. This is a condition that is responsible for many types of dental visits yearly. It is a condition in which the lower jaw protrudes outwards. If you have a lower jaw that protrudes outwards more than the upper jaw, there is a possibility that you have an underbite. No one would wish their front lower teeth to stick out. Because of that, people with underbite prefer to visit a doctor for underbite correction of the condition. In some people, the condition is not easily noticeable while to some, it is. Underbite can affect the appearance of the face. This is because the bottom teeth will be sitting in front of the upper teeth. Apart from interfering with your appearance, an underbite can also affect your speech and eating as well. This condition differs in severity depending on the individuals affected.

What are the causes of an underbite?

To understand everything about underbite, you must also know what can cause the condition. Here are some of the things causing underbites

Genetics-underbite conditions are commonly genetic. If one parent had an underbite or has it, there are chances that their children will also have the condition. There is also a huge link between underbite, cleft palates, and lips. Genetics are also responsible for a person’s jaw size and shape. The shape of teeth and teeth size are also all genetics.

Childhood habits -This can also be the cause of underbites. There are certain behavior and habits such as thumb-sucking, using a bottle feeder for a very long time, children using dummies above the age of three years and tongue-thrusting. All those habits can cause an underbite.

Tumors- Tumours can also cause an underbite. The tumor can occur in the mouth and the jawbones. When they occur, they can cause a protrusion of the jaw. Because of that, one might end up with an underbite.

An injury-Another serious cause of an underbite is injury. If you have a severe injury to the face, your jawbone can be damaged permanently. Although broken jawbones can be repaired, it can be very difficult to make them fit together. Because of that, one can get an underbite.

Will you be needing an underbite correction?

No kind of underbite is considered to be normal. You might consider a small underbite as being normal or harmless but the truth is, you will be needing to correct it. If you notice you have an underbite, however small it might seem, it is best if you considered correcting it. The sooner you do it, the easier the treatment. It is recommended that the treatment start early especially for children. This is very important because children’s jawbones are still flexible and they can easily be moved. Failure to correct the condition, there is a possibility that you will experience pain in the face and mouth, you will have difficulty in speaking, and have problems eating food.