Webtrends is the first Digital Marketing Agency to combine Performance and Differentiation


Voted the best Digital Marketing Agency in Brazil, Webtrends recently announced that its marketing method will unify two major areas of digital marketing: performance and differentiation.

Unofficially Webtrends has been applying this to its projects for a long time, but now it will incorporate these actions in a unique method of work for the Agency itself and also for its clients.

In summary, performance is related to the results that the company can generate even with low investment in digital media, maximizing lead generation and sales of services and products.

The differentiation is related to the incorporation of elements that make the brands of its customers perceived differently by the market, creating desire in potential consumers and valuing even more products and services.

These two universes of Marketing are now applied in Webtrends marketing actions for the most diverse Brazilian companies and even outside the country.

Differentiation until then was only applied by large companies worldwide, but Webtrends has provided that small and medium-sized companies can also incorporate this in their business models.

But how to apply Performance Marketing and Differentiation Marketing to the same projects?

According to Adriano Luz of Webtrends, the differentiation is implemented in a consultancy project, which will involve a review of the entire strategic marketing planning and often structural of the company, changing in some cases the way products and services are formatted, the composition / service plans and also how a company communicates with the market.

And performance can be very well applied to assist in technical issues of running ad campaigns, on social media or on platforms like Google Ads.

According to Adriano Luz, this is a trend in the coming years and companies that do not apply it will inevitably be surpassed by their customers. The products and services that sell the most are not necessarily the best, but the ones that create desire in consumers and is always visible when the customer needs it most. And that is what Webtrends supports customers.

How to become a Webtrends customer?

Webtrends, unlike other Digital Marketing Agencies, is not open at any time for a company to hire its services. Webtrends works with a limited number of clients and opens for hiring times, according to the company’s strategy.

According to its founder, Webtrends has adopted a customized work model that does not allow the company to serve many companies at the same time without decreasing the quality of service and the results of the projects.

Thus, the company decided to limit the number of customers and the result has been very beneficial for the company itself. Whenever there is an opening for new customers, the company closes its “vacancies” in a few days.

In practice, we can see a great process of differentiation in the Agency’s own practices.

If you want to know more, visit the Webtrends website at webtrends.net.br.