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You save on real estate costs, but other things could be done to mitigate the disadvantages of the traditional model

In an interview with the Harvard Business School, Bernstein explains that “many managers and executives seem to believe that ‘open offices’ will reduce costs and improve interactions,” so he claims that his study ” throw a jug of cold water “on them. According to him, this is not always the case.

“Not only do they not increase interaction with others, they make us less prone to it,” Bernstein tells Harvard Business School. And they cause 70% less face-to-face communication , a decrease parallel to the “increase in electronic interaction between 22 and 50%,” according to their work. Some data that, in addition to being counterproductive, questions the almost magical rhetoric of the ‘open offices’.

It is absurd to think that you have no personal matters to solve while you are eight hours a day in an office

before implementing an open design, it is necessary to study the labor needs of the company and analyze if the opening of the offices helps to solve them. “Historically, the newsrooms of newspapers and architecture studios have been open, and it makes sense. But perhaps it is not the most suitable for a law firm or for a faculty of university professors, which are professions in which study is needed and silence, “he says.

According to the International Facility Management Association, as of 2015, 70% of offices in the United States did not have partitions and walls or were low in height; a ‘status quo’ —Google, Yahoo, eBay or American Express implemented it instantly

which brings together the world’s largest technology companies; This is in contrast to several studies – such as one from the University of Bedfordshire, in the United Kingdom – which suggest that more than half of creative profiles need silence to do their work.

Noise and resistance of workers

In addition to viruses, ‘open offices’ can also cause another contagion: emotional. A study published in the middle of 2019 in the magazine ‘International Journal of Manpower’ explained that in these places the “spread – both positive and negative – of the moods” prevailing in the environment is greater.

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‘Athlete’ means a male employee who works at a host bar, and among them, it is popular with customers. Players with frequent nominations are called’Ace’. In the past, it was easy to become an ace if you had a handsome face and taller, but these days it is called an ace, including the personality of the players.

Many players pay a lot of attention to their appearance because when they become a HOPPA ace, they receive more nominations and more tips than other players.

However, since each person has an attraction and standard of seeing people, I think it’s only a matter of time before you can become an ace if you refresh your drinking manners and mindset and find your strengths and appeal.

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