Ways To Prepare Your First Child To Be An Older Sibling


Coming home with a new baby may be both exciting and challenging for the first child. However, with an impending pregnancy, parents have to find ways to prepare their children.

Parents are usually confused when it comes to telling their children about a new sibling. The first child was used to having a parent’s attention revolving around them, but things might have to change. Preparing your child in advance is essential will come a long way in smoothening your life. Here are ways you can prepare your first child to be an older sibling.


Share the Big News

It is essential to tell your child about the expected baby as soon as you tell anyone else. Depending on the child’s age, let the child understand what a new baby will mean to your family. Prepare the older child early so that he will have time to get used to the idea.

Even if the older child is still small and doesn’t understand, just tell them. Build the notion that the impending brother or sister is going to be a playmate and friend.


Involve the Child in the Pregnancy Process

Once the child knows about the new sibling to come, allow them to bond with the unborn. Cultivate a good relationship between the two throughout you the pregnancy period.

Build your child’s connection to the expected baby by letting the child pick out clothes or toys for the unborn. Take the child with you when going for ultrasounds.


Spend Time with your Child

It is essential to set some time apart to spend with your firstborn child. Establish rituals and patterns with your child before the new baby is born. As a parent, make sure to maintain these patterns even when the new child comes. The child feels that this is something I get to have before and even after the new sibling.


Emphasize your Child’s Specialness

Talk to your child about how special they are to you. Pull out albums and show them pictures of them while they were babies. Talk about the events of each picture and tell them how cute they were while they were little.  At this point, tell your child how fun it would be to have another baby in the house. Getting a simple gift for the child helps too.


Prepare Your Child for the Period You Will be in the Hospital

During the preparation, the older child must know that you will be away and come with the new baby. Also, organize that the older child visits you in the hospital as soon as possible and let them hold the newborn.


Expect Moodiness and Change in Behaviour

It is absolutely normal for our child to have a negative reaction as days go by. Sometimes as the mother’s belly gets bigger, there are some things she can’t do for the older child. Make sure to handle the older child affectionately and not make them feel jealous about the incoming baby.



Sibling rivalry is usually common among most older kids since transitioning from an only kid is hard. As a parent, ensure you prepare your first child adequately to learn to be responsible as the older kid. It is also very essential to take note of their feelings and make them feel loved.