Yhaska Ginsberg and His Angels Gives Back


    Entrepreneur Yhaska Ginsberg loves children and this is one of the reasons why he has established Jackie Angels. Also known by Vietnamese locals as “Jackie”, he currently runs a couple of businesses including a 10,000-hectare avocado farm in northern Vietnam which is a region with a suitable environment for raising special cultivars that are of export quality.

    With this huge and very promising agricultural project that’s been in operation since 2017, he envisions Vietnam to be among the biggest premium avocado exporters across Asia. But aside from this long-term vision, Ginsberg is also pursuing his personal advocacy of helping underprivileged children and he found the perfect opportunity to do so via this private group. He believes that all the people supporting this advocacy of providing assistance to helpless children are “angels”, hence the name Jackie Angels.



    Giving Back to the Community

    Ginsberg says this is their way of giving back to the community for their hard work and contribution in the orchard. Being a family man who loves his children, Ginsberg has a spot for kids and wants to ensure that they can live the lives they are supposed to have.

    Currently, the farm has around 50 employees and this has been able to provide a better livelihood for their families. But aside from providing sustainable livelihood for their employees, Ginsberg is also aware that there are a lot of disadvantaged orphans who need a loving family who will give them a home and this is among the primary reasons why he decided to run this private group which was founded at the beginning of 2022.

    When we speak about vulnerable people, children are considered to be the most at risk. Fortunately, many volunteers and aid worker organizations are working hard to ensure that their welfare is protected. However, there is still much work to be done. Underprivileged children face tough challenges such as hunger, malnutrition, isolation and limited access to medical care. With the continued support from private groups like Jackie Angels, these children get the proper assistance and well-being that they need to create lasting change in their lives.


    Continuous Support from the Angels

    The group was established to support the care and welfare of the underprivileged youth giving them their essential needs such as proper nutrition and medical assistance. Ginsberg has been able to do this via the success of his avocado farming business but aside from that, he has also been successful by getting overwhelming support and love from individuals and generous donors. And by transforming the lives of these disadvantaged children, Ginsberg and the people behind Jackie Angels change the course of their future for the better.

    The group’s goal is to visit different orphanages every month and according to Ginsberg, seeing these children happy to finally experience the love and welfare that they deserve “makes our hearts warm”. As of this writing, they have already supported about 5 orphanages and they plan to expand this activity to many other areas as much as they can with the continued support of individuals and families who wish to bring smiles to these children.

    One of the orphanages visited by Jackie Angels

    Ginsberg says he has a very simple vision. He wishes that a million people can give 1 dollar every day and it will be more than enough to support all these children in need and to be able to give every orphan a loving family.

    In fact, he just came from a recent event in Ho Chi Minh City where 14 families flew in from Spain to meet and welcome their new adoptive children. According to Ginsberg, “it was absolutely a very emotional moment. I have tears in my eyes including all the people around them”.

    He added that he was also able to speak with these new parents and that “they are delighted and thrilled for that day to take these young children home and give them all the love they need”. He believes that it is a win-win situation and everybody, for the parents and for these children, and that they looking forward to supporting more nurseries and orphanages to be able to give them a wonderful future and great life.


    A Better Future for Vulnerable Children

    According to recent data from UNICEF, there are currently around 153 million orphans worldwide. But as the saying goes, kindness makes a difference and with the help of compassionate and supportive private groups like Jackie Angels, these orphans’ lives are changing for the better and will have the opportunity to be part of a stable, loving and nurturing environment, knowing they can have a better future.