How to wear long summer dresses

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It’s been long known that long dresses are no longer an option only for formal and evening parties and won the sunlight and the streets as a runway. In the 50s, for example, the Ladylike style – dresses rotated with bars just below the knees – made the fashion of the time. The 70s were marked by the hippie style, including long dresses, until the 90s grunge fashion, with shorter options. 

Currently, long summer dresses, or maxi dresses, are wild pieces in any woman’s wardrobe. Practical and versatile, they can be used on many occasions, accompanied by accessories, such as bags, belts, jackets, necklaces, etc., you just need a few tips to never make mistakes in combinations or even on occasions. If you want the latest eid dresses you can visit from khaadi lawn collection 2024.


Knowing how to properly use a piece of clothing can make all the difference in valuing a woman’s body shape. The long summer dresses fit all bodies and are easily found in different patterns, colors and cuts. 

Pointed toe sandals: achieve impact looks with the hottest trend of summer 2024

Remembering the front shape of pumps, the pointed toe sandal has a different design and a subtle detail that makes it much more interesting to the eye: the very pronounced triangular tip that resembles the silhouette of a leaf. The model is still considered new and has everything to be the big bet of summer 2024, even more with the strong influence of celebs like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

The precursor of footwear that carries avant-garde airs – until now – was Gianvito Rossi, who created a black mule with thin heels with a super pronounced toe. Although the frontal detail is subtle, the result is bold and imposing, making it perfect for festive occasions, incorporating modern party looks, or being the focal point of more basic looks, with the power to update any production.

For those who choose to incorporate the classic style, the flip-flop sandal may be too bold, but it can take the place of the usual strappy sandal or pumps, serving to break the austerity of traditional looks. Women of the modern, sexy, romantic and creative style are delighted with the trend of the time since the shoes have contemporary airs and sensual forms, which can pronounce the more feminine side of production. You can purchase the latest summer collection you can visit from khaddi sale.

The secret to adapting the flip-flop sandal to different styles is the choice of materials, colors, and details: some of the current models follow the minimalist line, with thin and delicate strips, which can be found only on the front of the shoe, becoming a super luxurious mule, in addition to the ultra-modern examples in transparent vinyl materials, and others made of leather and suede in neutral, sweet, neon or further colors.

How about learning from celebs and influencers how to incorporate the flip-flop sandal into looks? It has models for all tastes, especially for those who like to increase their looks with high doses of a fashionista:

Stylish casual

The mule- tipped toe sandal, in neutral and sober color, can be used in elegant casual looks, for evening strolls in more refined places, such as restaurants or informal parties. Bet on a more classic look mixed with stripped pieces that leave the production with the easy-chic aspect. A midi skirt fitted to the body with a white shirt in a wide pattern is the perfect pair to face casual commitments with a lot of versatility and elegance. khaadi summer sale provides the latest dresses with reasonable prices.

Jeans in the classic wash and straight or skinny modeling combined with more elegant blouses, with fine and fluid fabrics and details such as puffed sleeves, ruffles or pleats, and drapes, are also a great option to use with the mule-style sandal, with just a thick strip on the instep, and have a casual result with doses of elegance.


We bet you were surprised to learn that you can incorporate the flip-flop sandal into sporty looks! The current fashion scenario favors the mix between styles and pieces from opposite universes, and with the shoes of the day it was no different: invest in a set of very athletic footprints and finish with an extra touch of fashionism, using the shoes with socks.

Another interesting option is to leave the sporty chic look, with models of jogger pants in satin fabrics, vibrant colors and elastic at the ankle, leaving the shoes totally on display. Finish off with a sweatshirt with a centralized print and accessories that match the sandal, bringing out the elegant side of production, such as maxi gold earrings, sunglasses and small handbags or with cross handles.


Sexy and bold

Investing in the trend of sparkling fabrics and pieces with puffed sleeves, pleats and drapes in vibrant colors like orange, red, pink, yellow or green, with a neckline that enhances the neck and a mini length that shows the legs, can result in a look super hot. The nude leaf toe sandal with a transparent strap leaves the foot exposed and raises the level of the sensuality of the production, in addition to the exposed skin and the skin-colored shoes lengthen and enhance the silhouette. khaadi pret dresses are very unique. If you can purchase these dresses you can visit khaadi stores and online.

If you are in doubt and do not know how to choose your maxi dress, we have separated some tips for each body type of a woman. 

For the high

Take advantage that we are in the hottest season of the year and use and abuse the flat shoes and you can still use a belt to mark your waist as it will keep the proportions. Enhance your femininity with the models with necklines on the back and shoulders. Choose a statement accessory that will command the look. 

Where to use?

Long summer dresses are usually made from comfortable fabrics such as knitwear, cotton, crepe, organza, polyester, and viscose, among others that give a casual look to the garment. You can use it on informal occasions, such as family lunch, barbecues, meetings and shopping trips, birthday parties, etc. 

For the little ones

High heels are the best friend of the little ones, but we must not forget that it is summer, so the espadrilles anabela or the high-heeled sandals combine very well with the long summer dress to compose the look of the day! 

Neutral colors are not wrong, and you can use the shoe trick in the same tone as the dress to give the visual impression that you are taller, or bet on nude shoes as close as possible to

Your skin tone. Escape the horizontal stripes, especially the thick ones, because they flatten the silhouette. 

The short girls should also be aware of the length of the bar, no walking with a dress dragging on the floor. It should be just above the heel. 

For the skinny

The tips are exactly the opposite of women who are overweight, here it is worth looking for models that add volume to the body such as ruffles on the bust, pleats on the hips, side pockets, etc. 

The large prints and more open and striking colors also give the impression of larger measurements. The combo maxi accessories and cross bag close the production with a golden key.

For the chubby

Opt for small or medium prints that do not contrast so much with the background color of the fabric. If you identify with the minimalist style, a good choice is the neutral colors in lighter and loose fabrics, like chiffon to give the fresh air of summer without marking the body so much. 

The play of colors is due to the accessories, plus size women should bet on V-neckline, long necklaces to lengthen the silhouette and, maxi earrings and shoulder bag. Avoid transverse pockets because they add measurements to the hips.

Take advantage of the accessories to create different looks for every occasion. Just avoid wearing them on formal occasions, such as at work (no matter how informal, the maxi dress does not convey a professional attitude) and wedding parties or graduations that require fine attire.