Power in winter: Vest with white fur to boost your look this season

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Learn how to wear the white fur vest in style

Characteristic of the coldest season of the year, the white fur vest has the important power to remove any winter look from the basics. In addition to being a statement in itself, due to the fluffy texture that adds personality and elevates the level of any basic production, the white color adds even more strength to this iconic piece.

In winter, the vest is one of the most emblematic pieces for you to bet on at night parties, or when you want to bet on a powerful outfit to make an impact either in daylight or under the moonlight. And if you want to know more about how to wear the white fur vest, get ready for all the tips that our fashion team has set for you. khaadi pret dresses are very unique. If you can purchase these dresses you can visit khaadi stores and online.

How to wear white fur vest with style

The piece in question is a true statement in the look of the day, so it is necessary to know how to dose the rest of the composition to create a powerful and not exaggerated look. “But how to maintain that balance in the look and not let it over?” We have this answer here! Our team has prepared incredible tips for you. Look at that!

During the day

If you are thinking that the piece is too exaggerated to use it in daylight, rest assured. Forget this maxim that during the day productions need to be discreet. It all depends on the style and vibe of each woman. If you want you can! To take the white fur vest during the day, choose a very casual look.

We suggest light wash jeans and looser modeling, to create a very stripped-down mood. Insert a basic long-sleeved T-shirt in shades of gray or black, finishing off with the piece with fur. On your feet, invest in short boots, or white sneakers. Accessories like discreet necklaces, rings and hoop earrings finish well! khaadi summer sale provides the latest dresses with reasonable prices.

At the bar with friends

Nothing better than going out to have fun with friends and relax after a long week at work, right? And of course for that you need to invest in the most iconic pieces of your closet, to lavish style and express your whole personality. The maxi white fur vest fulfills this function very well.

For women who prefer a feminine and devastating combination, you can opt for a tight black long-sleeved dress, with thin black pantyhose to warm their legs during the fall / winter season. The white vest comes as an interesting contrast of textures and colors, giving that perfect up to the outfit. Invest in the over the knee boot with medium heels to bring a sexy spice to the night look.

In the night club

The ballad is the time to cause without fear of making mistakes in production. Here, the mix of powerful and emblematic textures is welcome to create a composition that takes hearts and likes on social media. So don’t be afraid to include the long white fur vest with leather items, with varnish and a lot of shine. On the dance floor, we can do anything!

Choose powerful leather pants – it’s worth risking a varnish coating – combined with a deep black neckline body. Finish with the white furry vest and impactful high-heeled boots to raise the outfit level even further. Another interesting combination is a black leather skirt, with a long sleeve body and the vest bringing the extravagant air that the ballad look allows. Accessories like maxi necklaces, maxi earrings are released to give a deluxe touch to the production. . You can purchase the latest summer collection you can visit from khaddi sale.


Those who still don’t know the Michael Kors brand and in your style!

The fashion plus size is refreshed and renewed with the most amazing trends of the season. You can and should be whoever you want, and with the ideal pieces this mission is much easier! 

The Feminine Paradise selected the items that will transform your look, and the flame will light up your inner flame. Enjoy and update your look of the day right now!

How to Wear Michael Kors Clothing Bags and Accessories

Are passionate about luxury pieces and accessories, and need to be introduced to it immediately! MK, in addition to being an award-winning brand, is known for its unique concept and affordable values ​​when compared to other luxury brands

A little about the story of Michael Kors

Named after its creator, the brand emerged in the fashion world in 1981 and, today, dresses women (and men!) From all over the world, from head to toe, as it has collections of diverse products and not just clothes, such as watches, bags, shoes, as well as perfumes and other accessories. 

Karl Anderson Jr.’s talent (Christian name Michael Kors) was discovered early, when he was just 19, by one of New York’s most famous department stores, Lothar’s boutique. With his creations on display in these racks, it didn’t take long for the pieces to catch the attention of fashion critics and many other department stores in the city. The MK brand was very successful among New York women, who found Michael Kors’ clothing in the famous Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale’s and many others. 

In 1983, Michael Kors received the DuPont American Original Award, his first award for originality in American fashion. From that moment on he received countless awards and his new creations are always in the spotlight of fashion. It is no wonder that world-famous personalities always appear wearing the MK concept. The stylist is known for being the darling of Americans and his fan list includes names like Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Liv Tyler, as well as the first American lady Michelle Obama who wore a black tube, created by a stylist for her first official photo next to the president husband.

It was not just beautiful, well-cut or different clothes, Michael Kors brought a new concept and a new attitude to the fashion world, giving the term “sportswear” a new meaning. The brand showed that it is possible to make combinations of basic and luxurious items, making them democratic and versatile, perfect for women of all ages. The concept of MK was, and still is, to combine sports pieces with luxury details and a lot of shine. If you want the latest eid dresses you can visit from khaadi lawn collection 2024.

The good news for us, mere mortals, is that despite this list of famous and millionaire customers, a good part of their pieces, clothes, and accessories are more accessible than we think. Of course, the prices are not what we can call cheap, but without a doubt the prices are much lower than when compared to other luxurious international brands. We can find beautiful silk shirts and the famous MK bags from 700 reais.

Style Tips

If you are one of the Brazilians who has already surrendered to the pieces and the concept created by Michael Kors, we brought you some incredible tips and ideas for looks using branded pieces, which were given by the image consultant and fashion producer Rafaela Simões Calvo. 

Casual Look

1.Look at embroidered pieces, sequins and noble fabrics and try to assemble looks with more stripped pieces, such as sneakers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets. 

  1. You can take a party dress and wear it with sneakers, or with a sports jacket. That skirt or shorts embroidered with some t-shirt. Well-crafted necklaces, maxi necklaces on basic T-shirts or sweatshirts.

Combining basic and funky pieces with more luxurious ones is the main concept proposed by Michael Kors. “The hi-lo styling trick is a great way to use pieces that we have already worn out or use only on more social occasions or parties. It means using more elaborate, luxurious pieces, with cooler, sporty or basic pieces ”, explains Rafaela