How To Palm A Basketball


Palming the basketball is a very improvised technique which is used by the professional players when they gain much confidence in the court.

Palming doesn’t mean to carry the ball under your hand while you dribble. This is completely against the rule of the game. Palming means squeezing the ball with one hand. This technique can give you a huge advantage on the court while you are playing.

Acquiring the skills of palming is very important if you want to be a pro in basketball. To do this trick, you need to improve your finger strength and gripping strength.

In this article I am going to discuss some techniques about how you can palm a ball and hot to make it better.

How to increase hand strength

Palm stretching

Stretching your palm is a very effective way to make your fingers and grip strong.

It’s a very easy trick to do. At first place your hand on a flat surface facing your palm at the downwards. Stretch your fingers and take your little finger as far as possible. Then hold your thumb with the other hands’ palm. Take the hand up but continue to press the fingers on the surface. Hold like that for about 30 seconds. Now release the hand and do it like that to your other hand.

Finger stretch

Put your fingers on a flat surface like palm stretching. Spread all your fingers as far as possible and hold like that for 1 minute. Remember not to put pressure on your joints. Continue doing this to your both hands for a few minutes.

Another way to stretch your finger is, put your fingers the same and slide your other hand under your fingers and try to pull the fingers back towards your wrist and hold on that position for 20-30 seconds. Repeat that process to your other hand also.

Thumb stretching

Hold your hand in front of you and the palm should face upside. Try to stretch the thumb as far as possible from your palm.

Now do it in another direction and try to touch the base of your little finger with your thumb. Keep it like that for 30-60 seconds. Repeat the process to your both hands for several times.

Palm slaps

Palm slap means slamming the ball to your one hand, thrown from your other hand. While doing this process, when the ball slaps on your hand, try to squeeze the ball as hard as possible.

Repeat and continue the process with both your hands and do at least 20 times to each hand.

Claw stretch

In the claw stretching process, place your hand before you. Now try to bend your fingers as much possible and try to touch the base joints of your fingers. Hold onto that position for around 1 minute.

Repeat that claw stretching to your other hand also.

Fingertip push-ups

Everyone knows how to do push-ups right? Here is another way to do your push-ups. The position will be as similar as the regular push-up but in this case you need to put your weight on your fingers instead of your palm.

Don’t straight your fingers while doing this. This process of push-ups will not only help you to build your muscle but also will help you to strengthen your fingers

Plate pinching

Holding plates of different weights with your finger tip will also help you to increase the strength of your finger grip.

To do that process, you need to take two plates and put them together. Then with your thumb hold one plate and with your other four finger tips hold the other plate. Remain in that position for around 30 seconds and repeat that with another hand.

You can increase the weight of the plates rapidly. This process will help you to carry more weights with your fingers.

Reverse curls

Reverse curl method is known to build bicep muscles. It is also good to improve your finger grip strength.

Grab the weight bar with an overhand grip. Keep your hand wide and shoulder straight. Pull the bar towards your chest level but by bending at elbow.


Stretch your both hands around you and hold the bar with an overhand grip. Then pull your body up as you pull up with the back muscle.

Aluminum can holds

To do this trick at first fill the aluminum can with something heavy. As like stones, steel bolts, nuts etc. After that grip the can and hold it in front of you as long as possible. Repeat the process with your both hands.

Final verdict

I hope these tricks will come helpful to you and you will be able to improve the grip of your palm and fingers. When you improve your strength, you will be able to palm the basketball better than ever. Using the better palming skill, affects your game play and boosts your confidence.