How To Make an Image eCommerce Ready with Cut Out Photo Background Service

There are wide range of photography out there. There is personal photography, portrait photography, event photography, travel photography and there is commercial photography. Not all types of photography are alike. There are unique requirements for each area of photography. A newborn photography shooting a newborn fresh out of the maternity ward is not the same as wedding photography shooting a newly-wed couple. Among all these various types of photography, commercial photography is a whole new different beast that not only takes special skills to shoot, but also takes another special tyle of skills to edit. Cut out photo background is something that is used for commercial photography which is not seen being used that much for any other type of photography.

Post Production Editing Called Cut Out Photo Background

Commercial photography often requires post production editing. In the world for commercial photography, there is production and post production. Production is when the actual photoshoot takes place. Photographer prepares the photoshoots whether in the studio or at client location or outdoor and goes through the photoshoot. Once the photoshoot or the production is done, then comes the need for post-production editing. Cut out photo background and clipping path service are two most common and very popular post production photo editing services that are wide utilized in the eCommerce marketplace.

It’s not that a product photo cannot be posted online without cutting out the image background. There are plenty of product sellers posting such images online and selling their products on Amazon, eBay or other online sales portals. If you however go to popular brand or big box store’s online shop, you will see professional looking images with background removed.

How Backgrounds Are Cut Out from An Image

Backgrounds can be cut out of an image using various methods. Each process has its own unique outcome. There is photoshop masking process that is used to cut out the background for images with soft edges. Images with sharp edges can utilize clipping path to get the background removed that will produce an accurate outline.

There are wide range of automated or web-based background removal applications where you just upload the image and with few clicks of a mouse, you can get the background removed. These automated methods however are not recommended or even used for professional or commercial photography as they do not produce professional looking outcome. In the work of eCommerce where you are swimming with the sharks and always worried to be eaten alive, you cannot cheap out of the photo editing cost. With sub-standard photo editing job and below grade eCommerce presence, you simply cannot survive. Professional photo editing therefore is a must.

An Image That Speaks to You

Picture truly says a thousand words. You look at a picture and you hit the browser back button. Then you look at another picture, you just keep looking because that picture tells you a story. There are all kinds of images that photographers produce. A skilled eCommerce photographer will capture the product image in such a way that it will truly speak to you. Coupled with a high-end product photography and a high-end photo editing, eCommerce brand owners can make a killing with sales. Photography itself is just the beginning. Editing is what gives the image that cutting edge.