What is QQ used for?

Tencent QQ, is also called QQ, it is an instant messaging service developed by the Chinese giant Tencent.  QQ provides services which offer online social games, music, shopping, microblogging, videos, and voice and group chat program.

How do I top up my QQ wallet?

Proceed into QQ Coin, Enter your QQ accounts amount and decide on the top up amount. Checkout and create payment. After payment is completed, QQ Coin will be top up mechanically to your QQ account. You can also Buy QQ Coins from some other sources as well.

How to send and Receive money with WeChat?

The most important thing to know with WeChat is, you cannot recharge wechat wallet unless you have a legitimate WeChat Wallet. You need to trigger the Wallet attribute; it is not open.

Are You Eligible to Open a WeChat Wallet?

Earlier it was easy that you can open a WeChat, and there was the guarantee that if you put in a foreign bank card into WeChat, that would also trigger your WeChat Wallet. China government regulations demand an official ID be connected to every WeChat or Alipay Wallet, and for today, the only way that they can do this is using a Chinese bank accounts. It is unfortunate, but that is the truth.  Trigger your WeChat Wallet or Alipay Wallet would be to start a Chinese bank accounts. It is extremely tough to start an account on a short term tourist visa, so unless you are intending to proceed to China for 6 months or longer, you likely won’t have the ability to use cellular obligations in China.

How to Open a WeChat Wallet

If you’ve got a Chinese bank account, the program in China. It might seems bizarre, but it appears that there are unique functionalities according to where the program is downloaded. Then click and find “Me” at the bottom menu. There should be a section known as “Wallet” in which you can click to include your China bank card.

When it may connect, it will not trigger your wallet. To be able to add a Chinese bank accounts you will want:

  1. Your Union Pay Card: This card is going to have a 19-digit number you will enter into WeChat.
  2. Connected Chinese Telephone Number: so as to start a bank account in China, you are going to require a Chinese telephone number related to the account.

Due to the telephone number necessity, it is virtually impossible to start your WeChat Wallet from out of China.

When the card and telephone number have been confirmed (which can be pretty much instantaneous), your own WeChat Wallet will probably be activated.

How to Add Money to WeChat?

Now that you have your own WeChat wallet triggered, you can find pretty much just two ways to add money to WeChat in your mobile phone.

Chinese Bank Transfer: If you’ve got cash on your Chinese lender account, it’s likely to transfer cash in your WeChat Wallet or to utilize WeChat Pay to debit your card straight.

You might even utilize a Chinese ATM to draw money from the overseas accounts and deposit it into your Chinese bank accounts. Enables free transfer of cash between users. This can be performed as either an Envelope which is essentially a gifting of cash.