How to Know Who Stalks Your Insta Profile

How to Know Who Stalks Your Insta

Many of you might be asking how to know who is stalking your IG. As we all know about Insta, where we can easily post our daily life activities to share with our loved ones publically or privately. If we talk about IG stalking then it is the most common activity nowadays as we are always curious about other’s online life.

Moreover, developers always find some creepy ways to entertain stalkers by developing some tools that help them to secretly stalk someone on Insta. For example, Gramvio is a tool that is developed to provide many free features to Instagrammers along with a specific feature of Insta stalking to stalk Insta profile and stories without their knowledge. However, if the IG account is private then you will not be able to stalk that person.

But at the same time, you always wanted to know who is stalking you silently on Instagram and watch everything you do. You may not efficiently and openly know about this information but don’t worry! There are some tricky ways of doing so. Let’s dive in!

Through Insta Stories

Stalking through Insta Stories

With every new update, Instagram changes its functionality and improves itself in every aspect, whether it is a matter of its affiliation with Facebook, privacy issues, from viewers count to their identity or anything else.

Previously, IG only showed viewers count, but now IG shows the profile of viewers who viewed the video. Similarly, previously you were not able to notice who just saw your posts but now Instagram story feature has solved this problem. You can put your every new post at your story just to discover out who just watch your story and land on your Insta wall to view your new post.

Stories in Insta are really amazing feature after an update as it allowed you to know about the identity of the viewer instead of just viewers count. You just have to tap on the eye icon to reveal the identities of the stalkers and followers. Additionally, you can post multiple stories altogether and not for a long period.

Through Third-Party Applications

Through Third-Party Applications

Here comes another option to track someone i.e. third-party applications. These applications will let you discover who is quietly stalking you. One important thing to know that every application is not secure. Some of them might obtain viruses and can also hack a person’s account. But at the same time, some apps are really worthwhile. Such as:

  • IG Analyzer: This app is working as an agent to inform users in real-time who is stalking them and viewed their profile. However, this app required some payment of almost $4.99 and $35.99 to run efficiently. You can use this app on iOS.
  • Instamutual: It is a very proficient and simple to use application that allows you anytime to detect who has seen your profile and everything you just posted. An Insta user can use this application on iOS.
  • Reports+: It provides you a vast informative data about Instagram like who is a top-rated follower who stalks, who has unfollowed & blocked you, etc. Itis the most secure & its regular versions are free tools to help Instagramers.

Why There Is A Need To Know About Stalkers?

There are many reasons to learn about stalkers for security purposes, to keep an eye on a suspicious person who may be harmful, some people are really conscious about their privacy so they check again and again that who is bothering them and tracking them silently

So you should have to keep your account private instead of public so that only your friends and followers can see the activities of your daily life on Instagram!