Things not to do when playing COD Warzone

COD Warzone has emerged to be a fulfilling and riveting title among the online battle royales and multiplayer games. But the tensions among the new players and rookies have been rising ever since while some of the players believe that the game is rigged for the professionals out there but that is not the case. These beginner-level players either don’t have enough of the practice to win the game or make certain mistakes that they shouldn’t, either way, these must go through the things they have been doing wrong in order to make a better strategy to win.

Following are a few things that you must go through if you are interested in finding out where are you at fault with;

  1. Not moving enough

Many beginner level players don’t understand the intensity and thriftiness of the multiplayer online battlefield and hence feel kind of lazy and take it as a stroll in the park when it clearly isn’t. The end result is that they can do no better than the player next to them. That is why it is advised that you must always move around and make hustle if you want to survive the Warzone otherwise you will be like sitting ducks.

  1. Buying wrong items as weaponry

Many times when a player visits the shop within the Warzone they are eager to try out every weapon that is available there and not only the weapons but other commodities that go along with them as well. For some players, their curiosity to use something new get the better of them and they end up buying the wrong barrels to fight the war. This is one of the grave mistakes that a player can make while playing Warzone.

Don’t leap onto better prospects if you can’t work with them or build a strategy around. Play with what you have and if needed to upgrade always go with the best ever option that you can find according to your gameplay.

  1. Not using a suppresser

What would be fatal? If you have only one bullet left or if you get spotted by your enemy? Surely when getting spotted by the enemy would be the most ravishing thing you can encounter as with only a single bullet you can make it count. The most terrible mistake many wannabe players do when playing the warzone is not using the suppresser for suppressing the sound of the shots fired. As a result, the enemy team might know where you are and the map would give off your current position and what of the whole team decides to barge in on you? You will most definitely be doomed, to begin with.

That is why it is advised that you always use a suppresser when jumping into something as serious as COD Warzone itself for you will be a wiser person for it.

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