How To Get More Followers On Instagram.

1-Use Instagram Hashtags.

If you have just launched an Instagram account for your business, hashtags will come in handy. Always be on the lookout to find the trending hashtags and also to determine which hashtags your competitors are using. Then use your relevant tags, trending tags, and branded hashtags. Posting your hashtags with niche hashtags and a mix of popular tags will get you moving fast. Remember to avoid hashtags that have been shadowbanned to avoid tainting your brand image.

A while back, it was recommended to use all the thirty hashtags per post. This however is a thing of the past and no longer recommended.

To increase your visibility and following without looking spammed, you can use five to ten hashtags per post.

Using more than thirty hashtags in one post does your business image more harm than good.

2-Regularly Post on Instagram.

Posting three times a week will make you more visible and expose you to more clients and customers. It also helps boost your appearance to other Instagram users that post their content regularly. An active social media handles also give customers the impression that the business is trustworthy and on the right path. You are advised to consider dialing back your social media presence if you cannot make regular posts and hashtags. Visit Social Shaft to find out more about growing your Instagram account.

Trying to do a little of many things can be of more harm than good to your social media account. Having one social media account and doing it right will prevent you from suffering bandwidth and low-quality issues.

3- Post Interactive Content.

The content you post on your Instagram handle should be engaging and interactive. It must be something that anyone would want to see pop up in their feed. Boring content will have you blocked or even unfollowed.

Posts are ranked depending on the type of engagement they receive. More engagement on a post means the post is doing fine. The more, the better. A good track record in terms of more engagement earns you the explore tab in Instagram for your posts.

This is a tool that users use to navigate on their own and acts as an Instagram newsfeed. These placements are earned and cant is bought. They are priceless. In 2024, it should be your goal and objective to gain visibility in the explore tab. It not only exposes you to new viewers but also increases the chances that your profile will be viewed and your website researched.

The viewers might end up being loyal customers, followers, or even patients in case you are running a health care program.

If producing valuable content is a challenge to you, get ideas and clues from fellow competitors in your field, lawyers on Instagram, licensed medical cannabis companies, plastic surgeons, wellness and health brands, and fellow dentists.

4-Practice Social Listening.

Using social listening, you will be able to know what customers have to say about your related topics and brands. It is a form of eavesdropping. The data you get from using this strategy is invaluable. The social listening software helps you create content that the audience wants to see. One shouldn’t by any chance ignore these free insights.

5-Use the 80/20 Ratio.

The 80/20 ratio rule suggests publishing educational and entertainment material eighty percent of the time and the remaining twenty percent posting sales content. It is annoying to have your feed spammed with sales content and in return, don’t expose your audience to sales content.

6-Post High-Quality Videos And Images.

If you post often and your content is engaging and fun, yet your Instagram following is growing, you might need to improve the quality of your photos and videos.

Like all businesses alike, a video is an important tool for medical professionals.

You can use your smartphone to test the small captured videos and see their quality. Use good lighting when taking photos, make use of other professional portrait settings, and also use filters.

Free design tools such as Canva will help you come up with professionally designed photos effortlessly. Always having top-notch content will drastically increase your following.

7-Offer Promotions and Giveaways.

People love free things. Once in a while,  give your audience gifts to motivate them and as a sign of appreciation. You can have a contest and reward the winners with giveaways. Remember to tell them to follow your social media handles and tag more friends in the post. You will get more followers and they will get prizes in return.