Coming to terms with your addiction state is already enough hard work that requires determination and dedication. Now, taking time out to go for help is another big challenge to face. You’ll have to fight the demons in your head telling you to help yourself from addiction first. After that, you’ll consider the shame that comes with sharing your addiction problem with anyone. But actually, you need this help, so let’s discuss how you can ask for that help;

  1. Accept within yourself that you need help

You have a personal task to convince yourself about this help that you need. Cancel out that voice that’s telling you to go through addiction recovery alone. It’s almost impossible regardless of the discipline you have. You can’t deceive yourself; there are many signs to show that you’re addicted to a substance. Accept these signs and agree that you need help. After that, your next line of action is to seek the best option for help. See here for the best alcohol rehab.

  1. Talk to a trusted family member

Let’s clear this up; a family member doesn’t precisely have to be someone related by blood. It can be amongst your friends or extended family members. You have to be very careful as to the person that you’re telling. This person has to be a secretive human who won’t be too loud with your secret. More so, what you need right now is help, not scolding. So you have to find out who you can trust with such duties. In some other cases, you may not exactly have the type of family members that will support your recovery process. It’s better you don’t talk to them in this situation.

  1. Talk to an ex-addict

The school of thought of experience being the best teacher is not exactly a wrong one when you relate it to addiction. Someone who has gone through addiction can probably relate to your addiction story. Through this understanding, they know exactly what to tell you and where you need to go to break free from the addiction. Asides from showing you the right steps to take, an ex-addict will provide you with the necessary support. They’ll even be more dedicated than many family members can help you. However, you have to be sure that this ex-addict is 100% free from addiction.

  1. Write letters and emails

There is this fear that you have to face with asking for help when it relates to addiction. This fear may deter you from trying to speak about it to anyone. In this kind of situation, the best option for you is to send a mail or letter to a trusted person. That way, you’ll escape the rigor of having to tell anyone with your voice. More so, you’ll have the opportunity to express yourself very clearly with all symptoms and levels of addiction.

  1. Join a community

Over the years, the community has proven to help with addiction excellently. One of the best places you can go for help is an addiction community. With a community, you’re sure that you won’t get any scolding whatsoever. You’ll get the help you need without any form of castigation.

  1. Seek professional help

If you’re looking for help; the best option for you is to seek help from experts. An addiction expert will give you room to express yourself without any fear. Moreso, an expert will always keep your addiction confidential.

  1. Ask for a change in environment

If you have a family that’s not supportive, you have another option. You can ask your family members to help with an environmental change. When you have a different environment, you won’t get your addiction’s substance easily. That way, you can seek other help for help.

  1. Call someone for help

Speaking up about your addiction problem can be a big issue physically. But in that situation, you may want to do it over a phone call. You can call either a pro, a family member, or an addiction center to speak about your condition.


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