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Mp3juice is a great too for music lovers. As a music lover, you surely spend a lot of time listening to music during leisure hours. Buying MP3 music from iTunes or other places can cost you a lot of money. In addition to the different types of songs, you may also want to download featured albums to your MP3 player. However, many popular music sites do not even offer pre-purchase music hearing. Most importantly, you naturally prefer to download MP3 music for free. In this article, we are going to introduce you to 10 free music download sites like Mp3Juice to download MP3 for free.

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Top 10 free music download sites like Mp3Juice


BeeMP3 has been one of the most popular MP3 music downloads in recent years. It provides millions of songs for users to download. If you often download MP3s online, you surely won’t miss this site. Every day, nearly 10,000 audio files are uploaded on the BeeMP3 site, so that you can always find and download the music you want. However, perhaps due to the copyright of music, many free songs are being removed from the site now.


Similar to BeeMP3, mp3skull is also a popular site for free MP3 downloads. It has a large database of songs and offers you various options to download the latest English music, top English albums, top 100 songs, etc. Unlike Mp3Juices, mp3skull doesn’t have a pretty good interface. What it only concerns is to make sure that you can quickly find and get free MP3 music on your local computer. You can check the detailed information of each song and preview it before downloading, it is useful to help you download the right song.


You have probably never heard of such an MP3 site. It is much less known than Mp3Juices, mp3skull, and BeeMP3, but it is also able to help you find and download music for free. My Free MP3 is a fairly simple site with essential functions, except for announcements. But don’t worry about the ads, they are not boring ads and won’t bother you during the preview and download process. If they still prevent you, this site allows you to delete them.


MP3Clan is rather an MP3 player application on your phone. It displays all kinds of popular songs and MVs on the interface. Besides, MP3Clan allows you to search for songs based on the type of music, such as Rock, Country, Blues, Dance, Jazz, Electro, etc. Just click on a song or video to enjoy it. However, with each click, a new window will appear which will take you to the announcements. You have to close the windows one by one, so it’s not so easy to download MP3 for free on MP3Clan.

Jamendo Music

If you like indie music and want to listen to new songs, Jamendo Music is the best MP3 music download site for you. It has a clean and elegant interface that will bring you excellent visual experience. Jamendo Music is more like a great music sharing site and you will not see any advertising on this site. When you browse the Internet and don’t have a specific song to listen to, you can play any music you want on the interface. Just like listening to a song on SoundCloud, you can stay in Jamendo Music all Saturday afternoon. When you listen to a song you like, with just one click, you can download MP3 music to your computer.


As soon as you enter the LoudTronix site, you will find that it is a cool site for downloading MP3 music. As the main colors of LoudTronix, black, red and white can give you powerful visual effects. It allows you to search and download specific songs and paste the URL of a YouTube video into the bar to get the YouTube video clips on your PC / Mac. Besides, it has a wonderful function of network interaction. You can easily share songs with your friends on Facebook / Twitter.

Free Amazon songs

Amazon is the most popular and authentic online shopping site in the universe, where you can buy almost everything you need, including music. It also provides multiple MP3 songs to download. You can’t find the latest hits there, but it does provide a lot of classic songs to download. Many types of music are categorized on the list on the left, currently, you have a lot of options. It allows you to preview the song and decide if you want to save it to the MP3 player. If you like a song, you can click on its artist or album to get more similar music.

eMP3 Downloads

eMP3 Downloads is not only an MP3 download site but also a video clip sharing site. It has many fantastic YouTube MVs to play and download. It announces that it has the largest collection of MP3 music in the world and the powerful BOT (Crawler) to scan the entire Internet to find the cool MP3 songs you need. You can search for music based on movie name, artist name, song name, and album name, and then, you can enjoy the video clip and download it. There is no advertisement on the home page, but windows will pop up when you click the PLAY or DO


The first thing you will see on audiomack is all kinds of dynamic ads. And then, you may be drawn to the joyful music. Audiomack mainly provides you with rhythmic music like Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic, Reggae, etc. Just click on the album cover, you can preview the music. The appearance of its built-in MP3 player is very similar to SoundCloud. You can easily share your favorite song with your Facebook friends and follow the best accounts. In addition, it can help you create your own playlist for adding songs you like.


mp3INT has a very clean interface, looks good like mp3juice and allows you to download MP3 music online quickly. He uses the YouTube service as a resource. So after typing the artist or song name for your MP3, you can get more related VEVO video clips from YouTube. It does not display too much detailed information about the song you are looking for, you can only download it according to its image. Click the Download button and you can directly get the MP3 file copied to your computer.

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