Family Man Is Headed To Steam, And It Is Asking Fans How Far They Would Go For The Sake Of Their Familys

Family Man Is Headed To Steam, And It Is Asking Fans How Far They Would Go For The Sake Of Their Familys

The Sake Of Their Familys

If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, then you should definitely check out Family Man. This RPG comes from developer studio Broken Bear Games, and it is on its way to Steam later this May. The impending launch has an extra incentive as the developers have given to a free 30-minute taste of the upcoming title. Family Man: Prologue is available free on Steam for those who are interested in this upcoming title.

You owe money to the mob, and it is up to you on how to pay it back. Make an honest wage or take on some dirty jobs to make back the extra cash. Remember, your family is at stake, and the mob has no hesitation in taking everything you love away. Find out your limits in Family Man.

Play as Joe, who is on a mission to pay back the mob. Make back all the money in three weeks with the methods up to you. Whether you make it back doing something illegal, or work tirelessly at a real job. No matter what, save your families.

Every decision will affect the world. Neighborhoods will either grow or be destroyed depending on your decisions, and the path you choose will either bring your family together or tear them apart. Will you sacrifice your marriage and relationship with your child for their safety?

Explore the town of Riverport and decide how you want to deal with every situation. As you continue to make different choices, the world around you will change. There are dozens of ways to make cash, and if you have to break some rules, then so be it.

Tons of missions and stories to resolve, along with multiple different endings based on the decisions made throughout the game. Unlock perks and adapt your character to your personal play style. This really is your chance to prove yourself as the Family Man.

This game takes inspiration from Breaking Bad and several other crime-based stories. This is a dark story wrapped in an RPG shell, so push the limits of mortality and protect your familys from the mob.

Family Man will be available on Steam as of May 22. For more information, be sure to check out the Steam Page, which contains a trailer along with some screenshots of what is to come. The free demo is already available on Steam for download, be sure to sample the upcoming adventure while waiting for the full release.