Jordan Langhorne A Big Figure of Autograph And Sports Card Industry

Introduction (Jordan Langhorne)

Jordan Langhorne is the creator of multiple businesses within the autograph and sports card industry. They are very well known for the authentication services that they offer to collectors all over the world.

His company have partnered up with PSA/DNA to create a service that allows clients all over to mail in their signed collectibles to be authenticated by PSA. They have gained thousands of customers through this service and run submissions almost monthly to the public.


Jordan has accomplished all of his business at just 18 years old and plans to make many more strides in his business and brand. Jordan has become one of the top entrepreneurs at his age.

Autograph 247

Autographs 247 being his first business, which started off as a Facebook group and later evolved into a memorabilia service and business. Autographs 247 has grown to be one of the leading brands within the memorabilia industry. Autographs 247 also covers the buying and selling aspect of the market as his company is actively buying and selling all types of memorabilia.

Sports Cards Business

Bay Area Sports Cards was his business created a couple of years later and his most successful business. Bay Area Sports Cards is very well known in the industry for being a graded card distributor as his company has amassed almost every graded card that is available for purchase in bulk. This has resulted in many happy and repeat customers.

Their Collaboration With PSA

PSA is the world’s largest third-party authentication company; the industry leader in card grading as well as autograph and memorabilia authentication.

Jordan Langhorne partnered with this company by which his business come towards success very quickly.

Work Process

Customers from all over the world send in their cards to BASC for grading and they process them to PSA for grading and return them upon completion. This is one of the most important aspects and probably one of the hardest aspects of the market to capture.

He has since become a six-figure a month sports card investor and seller through his graded sports card sales all over the internet.

Buy And Sell Sports Cards On Facebook

Jordan has created multiple groups on Facebook where members can buy and sell their sports cards. Here are the groups

. Panini Prizm Sports cards

. Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards

. Panini Sports cards

. Autographs 247

.Jordans PSA Submissions

.Soccer/ Fútbol Cards

Jordan has accumulated and provided a platform for almost 100,000 members. Jordan also has a Patreon where he gives his tips on Sportscard investing to his loyal followers and who are eager to take their finance and investing to the next level.

Now, If you are interested in investing with Jordan Langhorne, we are sharing his website and Instagram links by which you can easily contact him, and you are free to ask any question if you have in mind.

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