Destiny 2 Agent Of The Nine Exotic Weapon And Armor Inventory For May 1st Through May 5th

Destiny 2 Agent Of The Nine Exotic Weapon And Armor Inventory For May 1st Through May 5th

Nine Exotic Weapon

In Destiny 2 every week, a rotating vendor known as Xur can be found on different planets peddling his wares. Unlike the other traveling salesmen, however, this traveler offers both exotic weapons and armor pieces to buy in exchange for legendary shards. To find out what exactly what he is offering this week and where to find him, look no further.

The first bit of information to know is where Xur is located for this week. He can be found on the stormy seas of Titan. Specifically, he can be found within the Rig, and the exact location is fairly easy to find if you follow along with the video below.

Now that’s out of the way, the first thing to mention is the Exotic Engram. This engram is a special one, and rightfully so as it costs a whopping 97 legendary shards. If there are any remaining exotics you have yet to acquire, this will be guaranteed to give you one. Otherwise, it is still a nice opportunity for an exotic with a different stat roll than the one you may have in the vault.

Xur also has the Monte Carlo exotic auto rifle in stock this week. This weapon was a favorite from back in the good ole original Destiny days and is still satisfying to use in Destiny 2. The perk Monte Carlo Method reduces the cooldown for your melee ability when you deal damage with the gun. Synchronizing with that is the secondary perk Markov Chain that increases damage after melee kills or primary fire.

The armor pieces this week will start off with the most powerful of the set, which is a helmet for warlocks. The Skull of Dire Ahamkara’s perk Actual Grandeur reduce incoming damage while casting Nova Bomb, and also refunds your Super energy upon getting kills. This is a must-have exotic, as it can provide near-instant exotic refills depending on the rest of your loadout.

Something interesting is the addition of a Season of the Dawn exotic for Titans. The Severance Enclosure, unfortunately, tends to be a bit underwhelming, however, especially as its perk Spheromatik Trigger sounds cool in theory. When you get elemental melee kills, an explosion is triggered. Despite the wow factor, there are better options for Titans this season.

To wrap things up is the hunter exotic this week, which is also outclassed by other available gauntlets. Khepri’s Sting is also another returning exotic from Destiny 1, the perk releases a smoke bomb upon a melee attack. The interesting bit is that the smoke bombs also deal increased damage and grant Truesight while inside. However, there are other reconnaissance exotics for hunters that are less situational and better suited for PvP.

While warlocks are the winner for this week’s cycle, there is sure to be a new host of weapons and armor from Xur next week. Tune in here on Thursday to see if there is a must-have exotic for your favorite class then.