How Effective is Acupuncture For Back Pain?

Back Pain

Ancient Chinese civilization has taught us that there are various ways to treat illness without much stress swiftly. Other countries worldwide are beginning to adopt the scientific techniques of acupuncture. There are different types and sections of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which help to create room for more expertise in the development of this ancient method of keeping human’s healthy.

Some of the illnesses acupuncture can treat include menstrual cramps, dental pain, back pain, headache, vomiting, malaria etc. If you plan on relocating or reside in Singapore, below are some essential information you should know about acupuncture Singapore. Some assume acupuncture to be a painful process but you should note that despite this misconception, it has numerous benefits.


Effect of acupuncture on back pain

Science has proven that acupuncture helps to relieve low back pain but some medical experts believe that this pseudoscience is not the best remedy. When treating back pain, the acupuncturist usually inserts small needles at strategic points in the body of the patient, this procedure is known as sham acupuncture. Both sham and real acupuncture are effective in treating back pain. The services of acupuncture are not expensive and last long on the patient, you can consider giving this treatment a trial soon and you won’t regret it.

The specific duration required to use this medicinal process to cure back pain has not been determined but some practitioners believe 12 to 36 hours is sufficient. Factors such as severe or low pain, previous use of acupuncture to treat back pain all determines the duration.

The population of individuals giving acupuncture a trial has increased within the last few years; some see it as a low budget treatment for back pain and other ailments. If after 6-8 weeks of adopting acupuncture treatment, you witness little or no changes, it is advisable to visit a mainstream medical centre. Also, scientists are still making research on the side effects of acupuncture if there is any. For now, its numerous benefits outnumber its effect.


Acupuncture Singapore

The percentage of individuals considering being an acupuncture expert or consultant in Singapore has increased in the last few months. This is because it requires less stress and expense but a high level of knowledge about the human body. A resident confirms that within the last six(6) months, the number of acupuncturists in Singapore has increased by 30%, this simply means you can make more than $50 just for consultancy in this science field. Part of the Singapore government’s move to protect its citizens against quack acupuncture practitioners is to ask individuals to seek certification from relevant bodies before practice. After gaining certification, you can then use your skills to help people cure illnesses like back pain, anxiety, malaria et al. You could also build a career in the medical field as you also affect people’s lives positively.


TCM in Singapore

People have learned to adapt traditional methods of keeping the body healthy compared to the use of injection, drips, and drugs. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is regarded as one of the best, low-budget, and most accepted methods of treating ailment in Singapore. Currently, there are more than 3,200 TCM provided in Singapore.  The government has also made it mandatory for each practitioner to be an expert in a certain field while having the opportunity to acquire more knowledge that could be used to upgrade the technique of providing treatment to victims just like it is done in mainstream medical practices.

As regards choosing the best TCM in Singapore, it is based on individual preference and the victim’s health condition. Some organizations are only experts in pain relief, massage, and orthopedics while others have it as part of the services they render. If you plan to visit an acupuncture expert soon, kindly consider those that are expert at the ailment you hope to treat.



Acupuncture for back pain is an effective solution that has been proven to provide relief. If you are looking for a way to relieve your lower back pain, acupuncture may be the answer! Despite some scientists’ distrust toward this pseudoscience, more people have tended to accept it as their mode of treatment because of its numerous benefits.