Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Membrane Market: Covid-19, Key Insights, Analysis and Regional Outlook

Polyvinylidene fluoride, also known as polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF), is a special plastic material belonging to the fluoropolymer family. It is a thermoplastic and non-reactive fluoropolymer formed by the polymerization of vinylidene difluoride. PVDF flat-sheet membranes are prepared from membrane distillation (MD). PVDF membrane is primarily used in applications that require strength; high resistance; and purity to solvents, bases, acids, and heat. Membranes of PVDF are widely used for the purpose of immobilizing proteins owing to their resemblance to amino acids. PVDF is a fine powder grade; polyvinylidene fluoride is an element used in high-end paints for metals. These PVDF membrane paints possess extremely good gloss and color retention. PVDF is also widely used in films, sheets, membranes, and coatings in various end-user industries.

The PVDF membrane market is driven by growth in end-user industries such as coatings, photovoltaic films, oil & gas, and electrical. Increase in research & development (R&D) activities is the key factor driving the market. Various associations, end-user manufacturers, and PVDF manufacturing companies aim to invest significantly in technology innovations in PVDF membrane to replace other metals and plastics. This provides new opportunities for the PVDF membrane market. However, factors such as increasing use of substitutes, rising environmental & health concerns, and unstable prices are expected to hamper market growth during the forecast period.

Based on application, the PVDF membrane market can be segmented into wire chemical, medical, semiconductor, and defense. Polyvinylidene fluoride membrane is also available as a cross-linked closed-cell foam, and has wide applications in aviation and aerospace applications.

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The global PVDF membrane market can also be segmented in terms of resin type and end-user industries. Based on resin type, the market can be divided into alpha, beta, gamma, and delta phase. Based on end-user industry, the global PVDF membrane market can be segregated into building & construction, chemicals, electronics & electrical, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, and others.

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In terms of geography, the global PVDF membrane market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. North America is considered the largest consumer of PVDF membrane, followed by Asia Pacific. Demand for PVDF membrane is likely to be high in Asia Pacific market in the near future, led by the expansion in various industries such as oil & gas and building & construction. The PVDF membrane in Europe is also anticipated to expand significantly, owing to the stabilization of PVDF membrane market in the region. Europe and Latin America are also likely to host global events. This is projected to boost the usage of PVDF membrane in various applications. Countries such as China, India, and Japan are projected to lead the PVDF membrane market in Asia Pacific during the forecast period; China is estimated to account for significant share in terms of volume in the region.

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Key players operating in Global PVDF Market are Arkema, 3M, Daikin Industries, Ltd (Japan), Shanghai Sanai Fu New Material Co., Ltd. (China), Solvay S.A (Belgium), Ofluorine Chemical Technology Co., LTD. (China).

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