How Can a Car Accident Attorney Help if You Have a Herniated Disc from a Car Accident?

How Can a Car Accident Attorney Help if You Have a Herniated Disc from a Car Accident?

Back injuries are some of the most common injuries in car accidents. A car crash’s violent collision can lead to ruptured or herniated discs in your back, causing severe pain and disability. 


If you have herniated discs in your back from a car accident, a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer may help you obtain compensation for your injuries. Below is more information about what a Las Vegas personal injury attorney can do for you. 

File Your Claim 

Car accident victims have several legal possibilities to recover damages sustained from herniated discs. The first option is to file a personal injury claim with the insurance company of the at-fault driver. 


Your personal injury attorney will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company to obtain a fair settlement for your lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. 


If settlement negotiations fail, your attorney will tell the insurance company you will file a personal injury lawsuit in court. This may encourage the insurance company to increase its offer and settle the case. If not, your attorney will prepare the case for trial in front of a jury. 

Negotiate with the Insurance Company

You can file a personal injury claim with the other driver’s insurance company if you like. But if you have a herniated disc, you are looking at many medical expenses, pain, suffering, and lost work time. You usually are better off having your attorney negotiate with the attorney company for you. 


Experienced personal injury lawyers know how to negotiate effectively with stingy claims adjusters. They understand that the initial offers for settlement are usually low. Your attorney will use their years of experience to negotiate the best settlement. 

Conduct an Accident Investigation 

Your attorney knows the insurance company will thoroughly investigate your accident. They may attempt to blame you partially for your injuries. If they succeed, it can lower your settlement. 


Your attorney will do their investigation, possibly hiring accident reconstruction professionals and others to prove that the other driver caused the accident. An excellent personal injury lawyer knows how insurance companies try to twist the accident facts against the injured party. 

Ensure You Get Necessary Medical Treatment

If you are waiting for cash from a settlement, you may have difficulty paying for all of your medical treatments. A skilled attorney can work with your medical providers to ensure you get the treatment you need for your herniated discs today. After the settlement, healthcare providers can be reimbursed for their work. 


Your attorney may also be able to negotiate lower fees for your healthcare, possibly saving you thousands of dollars. There are no guarantees, but personal injury attorneys often persuade healthcare providers to take less than what they are owed for past medical expenses. 

Get You the Largest Settlement Possible

Many factors determine what your herniated disc settlement may be: the severity of the injuries, damages, whether surgery is involved, the insurance company representing the other driver, and more. 


Your attorney is experienced and skilled in maximizing settlements for personal injury clients. The higher the settlement, the more they are paid. So they have a strong incentive to get you paid as much as possible. 


Overall, a skilled personal injury attorney in Las Vegas can be a vital asset in securing you the best settlement possible for your back injury. They often can get you a much higher settlement than you could get on your own. Remember, these back injuries can be severe, and you will need ample compensation to get your life back on track.