Help your fashion-related business with an app (you can create it without coding)

In this mobile era, having an app for your fashion business is a must. It gives people more reasons to visit your store frequently and purchase from you than others. For instance, you can leverage push notifications to inform users about the latest releases or upcoming sales, enticing them to buy. 

And, if you want to make an application about fashion, make sure to research your competitors. Or you can outsource the work to an experienced agency. This will save your time, and you can benefit from their expertise in fashion app creation. 

That said, in this article, we will talk about how you can create a fashion app for your business without coding. You read that right, without coding! Let’s get started!

Use an App Builder

The most important thing here is an app builder. An app builder like Andromo allows you to create a fashion app without any coding. 

However, you will need to create the design on your own. Post that, upload design patterns, create depictions, and get started. Here is a step-by-step breakdown:

  • Sign up with Andromo
  • Select the “create an app” option
  • Choose from the many sketching options available on the website
  • You can even include ready outlooks and fashion picture guides
  • Transform picture mixtures into a slideshow (optional)
  • Select from a wide variety of templates and fonts to make your app stand out
  • Create a fashion library to attract more users

The best part about using Andromo is that it lets you create three trial apps for free so you can better understand how things work. You can then choose from one of the subscription options starting from $8 a month. 

Depending on the plan you pick, you get access to unique features, including publishing on Google and Amazon. 

Andormo also lets you share created pictures on social media. This supports your social media marketing strategies and drives more users to your mobile app. 

Benefits of Fashion-related Mobile app

Did you know people spend more than four hours per day on mobile apps?

This number is solely enough to indicate how popular mobile apps have become. In fact, 80% of the time spent on a mobile phone is done on the app. 

By creating a user-friendly app, you can boost your sales and build a loyal customer base. Plus, you will give your competitors a hard time beating you. If that’s not enough to convince you, here are some more reasons to create an app for your business without coding:

1 – Direct communication between you and customers

Mobile apps provide a wealth of information in just a few taps to both you and the customer. You can analyze what your customers are doing on your app and create personalized marketing campaigns to attract them. On the other hand, customers can find their favorite designs within seconds and even purchase them easily. 

2- Provide more value to customers

As customers’ expectations grow, your fashion business can meet them with a mobile app. This ensures that your services are easily accessible and can be used anytime. This also allows you to personalize the shopping experience for each individual. As a result, they will be more satisfied with your services, resulting in more sales. 

3- Improve customer loyalty

Every business wants to retain as many customers as possible. With a mobile app, things just get easier. Once people download your app, they are less likely to go to your competitors’ websites. Instead, they will open your app and make a purchase. You can even create loyalty programs to further retain customers. 

4- A Great Marketing channel

We mentioned above how push notifications can be useful for businesses. They are fast and adaptive. And since it comes at the top of the notification bar, there are very few chances that the customer will miss it. So with the right strategies, you can increase engagement and sales. 


In 2024, having a mobile app for your fashion business is a must. If you haven’t created it yet, now is the time. Since you don’t need coding skills, there shouldn’t be any barriers. However, should you need any help, contact the experts today!