5 ideas on Leading a sustainable and Green Life

GreenMetropolis is a dedicated source of Sustainable and Green Living. It is for the people who want to make this world a better place to live. It strives to help people lead a lifestyle that is closer to nature by reducing the consumption of Earth’s natural resources.

More likely the website is all about “Earth harmony¬†living“, “net-zero¬†living” or ZERO waste Life.

Our current living style is not healthy and safe for the environment. We are all really concerned about the effects of climate change, global warming and the use of plastics and carbon has done to our Earth.


Now that we have two options.

Either turn a blind eye towards all this impact


Take the initiative to make the Earth a better place for humans, animals, and plants.

If we are environmentalists and we have any feelings for the planet we are living in, we should take the latter route. We are blessed to be in such a natural eco-system that is deteriorating day by day.

So the great thing is that GreenMetropolis is advocating on utilizing Renewable energy like Solar energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal energy to reduce the impact on industries and other nonrenewable sources that are doing more harm than good.

Let’s discuss a few ideas on how to practice Sustainable Living

Stop Using Plastic

Now the first thing you want to do is ditch your plastic. It takes millions of years for the plastic to decompose. It not only affects marine life, its very dangerous for human health too. A lot of sea creatures like seals, turtles are killed after ingesting or getting tangled in plastic. Its now time to switch to Reusable Products especially reusable bags, water bottles, and reusable straws.

Choose Renewable Energy

Instead of fossil fuels and other sources of non-renewable energy, we are inducing a bad impact on our climate. Use solar and wind energy as much as you can. Try to power your homes with solar power and use solar water heating solutions in winter. Solar energy is a cleaner form of energy and you also get to tax credit from the government.

Walk to Work or Shopping

The lesser you use your car or motorbike, the more you are helping the environment to stay safe. If your office is nearby, walk to the office. Walking not only improves your health but also reduces the strain on public resources and pollution.

Sustainable living ensures you utilize the least possible carbon footprints you can.

Zero Energy Balance

You should also try to practice a zero energy balance budget. It is the core of a greener and sustainable living. Zero Energy Balance means what you take in should be returned back. This will change your spending habits. So you get rewarded by saving more and saving the Earth too.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, is actually also the core of living a sustainable life. First thing is to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Don’t buy products you don’t ACTUALLY need. The lesser the products, the lesser waste and fewer resources needed to reuse and recycle.

Also, use products that can be reused and are not one-time use only like Plastic products. Instead of throwing everything in the garbage bin, that ends in landfills. Keep a recycle bin and keep the products in that bin which could be recycled so that there is less burden on the earth.