Brief guide for UAE health insurance

Health Insurance

The health insurance business has grown to be competitive making it difficult to choose the right one. Getting yourself the right health insurance can be a whole ride from confusing to overwhelming. The health insurance schemes and premiums vary wildly in their coverage services to the costs. Fret not, you can still find the perfect health insurance plan for you by following a few steps and tips.

Below is the expert suggested plan for the UAE residents to get their health insurance Dubai.

  • Rules you need to know about the health insurance

The residents of UAE are required to have health insurance mandatorily. The ones not having the insurance coverage can face fines of 500 Dirhams per month and other restrictions. Healthcare insurance can prove to be helpful to effectively cover the costs of your treatment and relieve you from the monetary stress and burden. While you have a few health insurance providers that cover your 100% medical treatment fee, you can rest assured of the right treatment and sophisticated facility. You can also find the providers that agree to pay for the part of services depending on the percentages.

  • Basics of the health insurance

You will find the entry-level plans in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which differ for Emiratis and expatriates. There is the Thiqa program in Abu Dhabi, where the government provides full medical coverage and the Dubai Health Authority screening to check for the cardiovascular risk factors. Whereas, Dubai has Saada program with different coverage and benefits for the residents. Depending on what all policies they cover, the health insurance schemes vary in their costs. The basic health insurance scheme costs a maximum of up to Dh 150,000 in Dubai and Dh 250,000 in Abu Dhabi. Besides basic, you can also avail the higher-level insurance coverage provided by the companies. 

  • Comparison of health insurance

As mentioned before, finding the right and good plan is difficult, and the best way to do it is to compare it. So, make it easy for you the Dubai Health Authority’s Insurance System for Advancing Healthcare (ISAH) website provides the list of all the registered health insurance providers in UAE. And then there are few websites like that allows you to compare the policies and find the best one. Investigate well and find the best one. The services will advise you the best and safe in knowledge choices that suit your requirements and meets all your needs.

  • Tips to choose a UAE health insurance plan

With all the requirements in mind, firstly figure out the hospitals or clinics you prefer to visit. As not all the healthcare networks are the same and provide the same services, you need to have a prior idea of service to choose and the location. If you already have a preferred doctor, or clinic then make sure you are under insurance cover and avoid up the stress. Also, check if you can avail the additional coverage besides the basic coverage. Look at all the aspects before opting in for a plan as it is always better than being unpleasantly surprised later.

  • Opt for different insurance coverage

Make sure you have the health insurance coverage for your dependants as well. You have maternity coverage, coverage for elderly, coverage for dental and eye care, etc., available with different benefits and schemes. Getting a health insurance scheme that satisfies all the medical needs of your family or dependants as well as a better option. Also, do not forget to get yourself travel insurance or an international insurance scheme to cover your medical aid during your trips.

Beware of the low healthcare insurance and premiums

We usually get attracted to the low premium plans that offer rich benefits. This might, however, require you to be cautious. These premiums can increase significantly over time. So, make sure you don’t fall for the non-profiting healthcare premiums and regret later.