Google warns of the danger of one of the most demanded Xiaomi products.

A large part of Xiaomi products for homes can connect with the smart speakers of other brands and thus contribute to the creation of so-called connected homes. These digital symbioses allow security cameras and other devices to be controlled from the Google Nest Hub screen, but if a security breach occurs, a stranger could see inside our house.

Google has made the recent decision to disable the connection of its Nest Hub speakers with any Xiaomi device, to curb a growing security flaw. Some users of both brands claim to have been able to see the images of the security cameras of other houses through their Nest Hub.

This speaker has a screen where you can watch internet videos, check recipes and check the security recordings that a large number of cameras of different brands collect. From Reddit, the owner of a 1080p IP smart security camera Xiaomi Mijia, claims to have seen still images of other homes on the screen of his Nest Hub without knowing how it happened.
For this reason, Google has decided to block the connection of this speaker with the products of the Chinese brand temporarily. “We are aware of the problem and we are in contact with Xiaomi to work on a solution,” a Google spokesman said in a statement. ” Meanwhile, we are disabling Xiaomi integrations in our devices, ” they have explained to The Verge.

Xiaomi has not yet given any explanation, and the source of this problem is still unknown, the bugs have only been reported from Reddit, but Google is worried enough to remove Xiaomi products from its list of devices compatible with Google Nest Hub. Users claim to have accessed images of a closed porch, a man asleep in a chair and a baby asleep in a crib.
These types of cameras are usually very useful to monitor the little ones in their rooms or to check the safety of the houses when we go on vacation. However, lately, there is a lot of news about the security flaws that brands like Amazon Ring are suffering.
Although manufacturers ensure that their devices have the necessary security measures, hackers easily find a way to control these cameras, because users use very simple passwords or because the system contains a vulnerability.

Update: Xiaomi has already solved the problem

The company has assured in a statement that, after contacting Google, they have managed to find out where the fault had occurred. The two companies decided that it was best to suspend the service until the problem had been completely resolved and ensure that these problems do not happen again.

” After investigation, we found that the problem was caused by cache update launched on December 26, 2019, which was launched to improve the transmission quality of the camera, ” they explained. “It happened when I was connecting my Security Camera 1080p with Google Home Hub having a display screen in during weak network”.

The conditions of the connection networks seem to have been key to worsen the failure, while those users who had the camera linked to the Xiaomi Mi Home application, would not have suffered any problems.

The problem is already solved and since Xiaomi they have apologized for the ruling: ” Xiaomi has always prioritized the privacy and security of our users ‘ information “.