Dracula and Treadstone, some of the Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video series to watch this weekend

A new year begins twelve months in which there are planned hundreds of premieres of new series and continuations of others we already know. Thanks to the wide variety of streaming platforms that have emerged this past year, we will have no excuse to get bored with any of the weekends that are ahead.

Some of the main platforms have started strongly the new year, such as Netflix, which has been encouraged to launch a good handful of new titles this first week. On the contrary, HBO has been calmer and is waiting for the parties to end to start with some of its most anticipated releases.

Then we leave you a small selection of the series that you can enjoy this weekend with a sofa and blanket. Although, you can also take advantage of these calm days to review some of the best series that 2019 has given us.

Netflix – Dracula

The biggest premiere of Netflix in the first week of 2024 is, without hesitation, Dracula. This is a BBC miniseries that mixes humor with horror and aims to revive the count of Bram Stoker’s novel. In this series, we will see a different Dracula, the shadowy character of the novel, but with a touch of humor, that has dazzled critics. It will undoubtedly be very different from another vampire production, such as V-Wars released on Netflix a few weeks ago.

HBO – Silicon Valley

While we wait for HBO to premiere The New Pope and Westworld, we can take advantage of the weekend to delight once again with one of the best series that this platform has given us in 2019. Silicon Valley closed its last season is just as fun and bold as in the previous episodes, so his farewell and knowing that they will not return has been even harder.

Amazon – Treadstone

A new thriller set in the universe of the Bourne saga is added to the Amazon Prime catalog. Treadstone is a secret CIA program that modifies the behavior of its agents to carry out very committed missions. If you like spy and intrigue series, here you have a good chance to spend the weekend.