Google Pixel 4a would arrive under a new blue configuration, and perhaps without XL version

A new rumor suggests that Google could dispense with the XL model in the next Pixel 4a that will be launched, which would be an interesting change in strategy for what has happened in recent years.

A few days ago we offered you the first details of the Google Pixel 4a that stood out for including a hole in the front screen and also a rear fingerprint sensor, thanks to some renders that have shown how the device looks.

Well, according to YouTuber Dave2D, which has a certain impeccable career, Google could end up without the Pixel 4a LXXL model this year. The report notes that those of Mountain View do not want to repeat play with an XL version due to the few sales that the Pixel 3a XL experienced during the past year. While large phones usually outperform their smaller counterparts generally, it didn’t happen that way with the Pixel 3a.

It is quite common for major brands to release later improved versions of their high-end, as has just happened now with the Samsung Galaxy S10 lite and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite.

This latest report also states that a new color option would be added for the Pixel 4a. Specifically, the device could come in white, also a black model but the most interesting would be an Arctic blue color.

It is speculated that the Pixel 4a will be announced and launched around May, with what we will see if this rumor ends up being true from here to just a few weeks.