Claw Machines Market Research, Recent Trends and Growth Forecast 2027

Global Claw Machines Market: Introduction

A claw machine is also known as a crane claw machine or claw crane machine. A claw machine usually consists of components such as claw, bridge assemble, wiring harness, joysticks, credit/ timer display, currency detector, power supply, and printed circuit board (PCB). The claw present in a claw machine consists of two, three, or multiple fingers to hold on to an object. First, the user of a claw machine must insert a coin. The claw machine detects the value of the coin and the game begins. The user has to operate the claw with the help of a joystick. The objective of the user is to hold on to an object with the help of the claw within a specific time period. The prizes in a claw machine range from electronics, candy, shirts, dolls, balls, hats, capsuled toys, jewelry, and other soft toys.

Global Claw Machines Market: Competitive Landscape


Formed in 2001 in Victoria, Australia, CoinOpSolutions is one of the largest claw machine manufacturers. The company has installed over 2,200 and 600 claw machines in Australia and New Zealand respectively. CoinOpSolutions has already formed long-term contracts with shopping centers in Australia such as Woolworths, SCA, JLL, Savills, Charter Hall, QIC, ISPT, Lend Lease, Mirvac, AMP, Federation, and Westfield. The company’s products are Maxi Claw, The Claw – Standard, Prize Depot – Black, The Claw – Large, Prize Depot – Silver, Iron Claw, Coin Changer, Movie Stars, Rock N Roll, and Toy Soldier Red.

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Guangzhou Song Wang Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd  

Formed in 2008, Guangzhou Song Wang Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd is based in Guangzhou City, China. The company specializes in research & development (R&D), manufacturing, sales, and installation of claw machines. It has more than 60 employees including 20 advanced R&D employees. The company sells claw machines such as Arcade Machine, Claw Arcade Crane Machine, Arcade Crane Claw Machine, Crane Claw Doll Catcher Machine, and Claw Crane Game Machine.

Guangzhou Noqi Electronic Technology Corp. Ltd  

Guangzhou Noqi Electronic Technology Corp. Ltd is a claw machine manufacturer based in Guangzhou City, China. The company sells claw machines or toy claw machines under the brand ‘Noqi’. The company also sells prize machine, racing arcade machine, shooting arcade game machine, ticket redemption game machine, kiddie rides, virtual reality simulator, air hockey table, amusement rides, basketball machine game, and bumper cars.

Global Claw Machines Market: Dynamics

Rise in Penetration of Claw Machines in Taiwan and Other Asia Pacific Countries to Boost Market

A rise in popularity of claw machines across Taiwan and other Asia Pacific countries has been observed recently. As per Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan, the number of venues where claw machines have been installed has increased from 347 venues in 2014 to 2,859 venues in 2017. Furthermore, popularity and sale of claw machines are also increasing in China. Thus, rise in penetration of claw machines in Taiwan, China, and other Asia Pacific countries likely to boost the market during the forecast period.