The Apple Watch Series 6 would repeat presence this year, and with a new supplier

Although there are still many months, certain notes are already being revealed about the novelties that the Apple Watch Series 6 could bring when it is launched in the last stretch of 2024.

And far from beginning to leak specific specifications of the Apple Watch Series 6, it is said that Apple would have relied on a new exclusive supplier for the main components of its new smartwatch.

This is stated by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that in a statement to its investors released in early 2024, says that Apple will bet on a change of suppliers for several of its products, not only for its smartwatches but also in regards to your AirPods.
About the new smartwatch, which specific specifications are not yet known, they claim that Luxshare will replace Quanta Computer as the exclusive supplier of S-series chips for the new Apple Watch, which would be expected for this year more news pronounced that views with the last iteration.

Shortly after the launch of the Apple Watch Series 5, it was discovered that it had the same CPU and GPU as the previous model, which now aims to seek greater added value for its new smartwatch. In this way, the Apple Watch Series 6 would be one of the protagonists of the last leg of the year and a blow on the table before the growing competition from other actors who have joined this niche market as Xiaomi with the Mi Watch.

This would make the last quarter of 2024 for Apple very important, because it is expected that the iPhone 12 also supposes a qualitative leap compared to the current iPhone 11, and if they also plan to bet strongly on the new Apple Watch we would be facing a Christmas campaign really powerful for those of Cupertino if they manage to succeed with these new devices.
For now, Apple is still the undisputed leader in smartwatches in the market, although more and more Chinese companies are approaching in quality with their new watches.