Get inspired by popular TikToker



Tiktok, a social media platform, just came in the last year and got too much fame. It provided a great platform for youth to express their feelings and show their talent. The videos of a few seconds or one minute impressed millions. Since last year, it is contributing to providing entertainment as well as information. People make videos and deliver little pieces of information about daily life and technology. Everyone can make TikTok id and enjoy but not everyone can become famous TikToker. Not everyone can get millions of followers. There is a big competition to win the followers and become famous on TikTok and Instagram. Becoming popular is not the only goal of TikTok and Instagram, their goal is to provide reasonable entertainment or information to their followers.


Popular Tiktoker


A popular TikToker is like a celebrity and people love to watch him live and seeing him grow more. Wong Wei Tian is among the popular 1.1 million view video TikTok who is entertaining the audience with his natural talent. He is one of the best hand dance expert and the cutest, handsome tiktoker. Wong Wei Tian makes videos on TikTok and publishes them on Instagram too. This Malaysian tiktoker has over 100,000 followers, which gives him fame and love.


What did Wong Wei Tian do?


Wong Wei Tian, the famous tiktoker, didn’t become famous without any effort. Becoming a famous Tiktoker, requires investment, the investment of time and effort. No one can get popular without effort. So, the efforts to become a popular tiktoker worked for Wong Wei Tian and he became a celebrity for people. Having more than 100, 000 followers is not a cup of cake, it is a big deal. When you have such several followers, you can promote things, and get more fame.

So Wong Wei Tian makes entertaining videos and also provides information in his different styles. The young boy has a unique style of hand dance and people love this style. Some features who promoted Wong Wei Tian and helped to reach 1.1 million view video Tiktoker, include:

  • Top 5 videos for #kitabersama hashtag for Malaysia National Day
  • Hand dance expert and also handsome tiktoker
  • His hard work
  • The face expressions he gives
  • Using popular hashtags
  • Making videos on trending and popular hashtags
  • Making For your videos
  • Promotions

Wong Wei Tian, the famous tikToker of Malaysia, promotes love for his country and get followers for his country as his videos express.



TikTok is a popular social media platform that provides entertainment and information through popular TikTokers. These TikTokers are like self-made celebrities who got fame by their talent. Hand dance and other such talents are not for everyone. Only a few have this talent and they are using their talent for the good. If you are impressed by Wong Wei Tian and you also want to get positive fame, always follow a simple rule, “stick to your goal” and continue struggling.