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Techhiedark is the concept which refers or reflects both sides of the technology advancement mean if anything has the good and also and defiantly will have to be bad sides. In today’s world, the advancement in digital media and the increment of the use of robotics and new innovation is a very difficult part of the technology. Beacaseus it has bad and good sides. And because of this human has a lot of sides effect at this present life.


Digital security seems at stake all the time

If we talk about the way of working in today’s daily life digital marketing is the only medium to which people like to use. That’s the reason why the personal detail of yours is revolving in the digital world.when we use internet or digital of working then hackers try to hack our personal information and it also hacked by the IP address of the system. In other words, we can define it that is just a trace of your daily internet usage to which smart one can get easily. And not only the information which is traced by the hacker it can be used as data in the form of hard copy and ms word files and in many more which create metadata. And traced information can be relevant to personal or business information.

However, we face the problem related to the security of the data. To keep the issue aside from the business or personal information we have to use the security according to the leakage of the data like passwords, IP address, user ids, telephone, and other modes of security. To fight the hacking problem the only way to keep data and information safe and secure.

The rate of obesity is increasing regularly

Here if we talk about the advancement of technology so there are various options to meet our friends without physical availability. But can we say that it is good for us or for our social health definitely no? because this has become the addition of the digital world and kids for the video-games. And it has very bad impact on the health of the kids. Because of engaging in the digital activity they are playing with their friends without being present with their friends. In fact, only kids are not affected by this scenario and have given dangerous health issues to society worldwide.  This means the reason for increasing the obesity rate is only that kids avoid physical activities. This shows the really bad picture of the coming future. 

Emotional attachment and feelings are getting lost

As we are using the internet and engaging in our personal life and work and never try to communicate. Advancement of the technology also causes creating the social distancing between the personal which is also called being socially introverted and also called techiedark. Because work is done with anyone help create this situation which makes the digital world strong and week to social interaction. Being busy in their digital world or techiedark teenager and adults don’t have to think about social responsibility. Because of which they never think before commenting on anyone and if a big reason people avoid personal interaction.

Apart from that, social media platforms create an easy way for someone’s life. Private data, texts and information stay available to anyone who can desire to harm you.

In conclusion, you should hope that the bright side of technology overpowers the dark side.