Forest City: The Future of Sustainable Living

The increasing numbers of urban population and migration trend from rural to metropolis are among the reasons which led to endless urban development, scarcity of resources and welfare as well as the emergence of various social problems. These are mostly happening in developing countries. Sustainable urban development that fit the population needs, social demographic, economy and environment preservation is one of crucial topic relevant to urban development.

This article examines the concept of sustainable urban development and the characteristics that are likely to affect human lifestyle in the future. A case of the Forest City project under construction will be taken to exemplify sustainable living. Check it out!

The Features of Sustainable Living

The instability of urban development is the most crucial challenge of the millennium. The main goal of sustainable development is to meet basic needs, improve living standards, and – ecosystems preservation. In addition to urban development, sustainability has been an intensive debate topic since global warming is getting serious. The following are some of the characteristics of sustainable living:

• The increase in economic and social opportunities

• Effective energy usage

• Reasonable share of utilization for natural resources

• Reduce waste production by reuse and recycling

Develop energy efficient system and certified as sustainable development

An appealing smart development came with ideal characteristic such as vivid economy landscape, stable social demographic and protected natural environment. With the combination of artificial intelligent technology and preserved ecosystem, Forest City is indeed a better place to live, work and travel.

The benefits of a sustainable living

Living sustainably, at home, at work and when you travel, has all sorts of benefits. The payback for our environment and the planet is obvious, but there are also benefit to be gained personally from a more sustainable approach to everyday living.

Improve your life quality

Every effort you make to live more sustainably adds up, and you’ll soon notice the difference to your life. Whether you have more money, feel healthier, feel more productive or more in touch with where you live, your quality of life will have improved in some way, and so will your contribution to our planet’s future.

Save money

Sustainable living is a way to reduce the cost of living because it requires to reduce your energy consumption, generate your own power, cut back on water use, grow your own food, reuse, buy recycled and second-hand goods, or buy in bulk. It’ll save you money – and help the environment.

The most important reason for sustainable living is to protect the environment, which means ensuring future generations’ stability and survival. A sustainable living will ensure environmental stability and be able to support present and future generations.

The achievement of Forest City in sustainable development

Forest City is known for its vertical greening concept. The vertical greening on the building façade helps to purify the air, insulates the noise, and beautifies the city, which greatly provides a green lung and healthy living environment.

During construction, detail attention was paid to the local environmental protection and the balance between urban development and natural heritage. In the initial stage of the project, a double silt screen was used to avoid the sediment from affecting the environment. Forest City also cooperates with professional environmental consultant AES, hydrological consultant DHI, and University Putra Malaysia to improve and protect the priceless natural heritage such as mangrove forest and marine ecosystem through continuous hydrological monitoring and satellite remote sensing.

In showcasing the nature heritage existed within its development, Forest City will build a 4km eco corridor, with multiple interesting hot spots such as the green plant maze, ecological base, tree house Café, open-air cinema along the way to create an immersive eco experience.

Forest City will make full use of its resources to create an urban development and at the same time preserve the natural ecology within its surrounding.

Forest City aims to establish and enrich the green and diversified city culture, and to create a future city with a harmonious coexistence of city and nature. Forest City will strive to fulfill its corporate mission to create better economic and social values.