How to play Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most popular and easiest games to play. If you are looking to have a lot of fun in any casino around the world, then I suggest you try ONLINE BACCARAT WEB (เว็บบาคาร่าออนไลน์) because I can promise you that you won’t regret. This is the kind of game that gives you James Bond-like fun while earning you some money if you know how to play well. This game is easy to learn and if you are a beginner at gambling, you should start with learning how to play it.

In this article, you will find steps that will teach you how to play baccarat and if you follow them closely, you should be bale able to play your first game without any problems. that is how easy baccarat really is to play. No wonder everybody loves it!

Bets available to you

As a player, you will have three options to place your bet. You can decide to bet on the player’s side, the dealer’s side, or on a tie. Cards are assigned values, with an ace holding the value of one, jacks, queens, and kings are each worth zero, and cards two through to nine hold their face value. The goal in this game is to have cards that total to nine or any number closer to that.

The dealer will deal out cards facing up and give two cards to the banker and another two to the player. Whoever has cards that total to nine wins the game. If you bet on the player and the player’s card total close to nine, then your winnings are doubled.

In case you bet on the dealer hand and it wins the bet, it foots 95% of your wager. In case it turns out that the cards dealt are greater than nine, the two cards are added and one or two cards are dropped to arrive at the value.

An example for you

I will try to explain the issue of having the sum of the cards dealt amounting to more than nine here so that you understand the game better. For instance, in case the dealer hand is dealt an eight and a five, the total value of the two cards would be 13. In that case the 1 in the 13 is dropped so that the remaining card value is 3

Further rules

If it happens that either the dealer or player is dealt a total card value of nine or eight, they both stand. In case the player has a card value amounting to less than 5, they will be dealt another card. If it happens that the player stands, the banker will hit a total of 5 of less.

Players are usually given sheets at the table so that they can keep track of their score. This way, you know your chances of winning or losing in advance. The last betting option is the tie. A tie usually plays out 8 to 1.