Joel NaeSketchie Molina An Influencer Of Entertainment, Fashion And Artist Management

Joel Molina also known as NaeSketchie

Joel NaeSketchie is a great mogul on his own. NaeSketchie Entertainment is a Record Label and the undefeated well-known for his most respected Uptown promoting team in the Nightlife of New York City. Sketchie was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. NaeSketchie business ventures being a huge nightlife mogul. NaeSketchie Molina is a Multifaceted entrepreneur who always oversees a various brand which his pride. His label journey had begun decades over ago when he decided to manage now well-known as the first lady of Sketchie Entertainment Roc National most affiliated Angelica Villa who is also his niece. Nae took his networking skills onto the next level and ran with it and never looked back since.

Running along with Sketchie Entertainment. Nae also runs a unique and amazing Luxury Clothing Line named MAZCO Original. Just the way liked Sketchie Entertainment MAZCO Original also had extreme success throughout its years. MAZCO Original is built to make their customers look great.

As an entrepreneur this comes with being involved in aspects of different business. He always knew that with his amazing skills he could master the fashion industry. His goal is to give them a luxury experience and feeling as if they were consumers of high-end luxury brands like Louis Vuitton but at an affordable rate.

Nae started he love fashion he takes about 3 outfits to 1 hour to get dresses, he always wants to be different from others and want to look fly.

Nae says that in the logo of MAZCO red represents the fire, the yellow one represents the suns and blue represents the water equating to life this is what Mazco wants to represent. Nae always wants you to feel good when you are wearing Mazco.

Nae has been selling out Mazco at various clothing stores and building an online store to facilitate the building of MACO into the great brand which he wanted it to be. He witnessed everything growing up so fast but he always talked with God and told him whatever path it is that may he take. Hope to become the greatest at it he decided to build from ground up and have conquered the entertainment music and fashion industry.

Joel NaeSketchie believes that you have to believe in your brand and onto yourself. The first mistake is when you doubt your brand. Figure it out if one piece is not perfect or doesn’t work go for the second piece it’s going to cost but the investment is worthy and going to be amazing.

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