Five Types Of Tiles Recommended For Modern Homes

When you go for tile shopping the market is flooded with a wide range of tiles available in various shapes, sizes, designs and patterns. Each room in your house has a specific functionality and depending on that you should choose the right kind of tiles.

Nowadays people opt for unique and stylish tiles when it comes to modern homes. While selecting these modern home tiles there are specific things to be considered beforehand like the hardness and strength of a tile and it’s capacity to withstand traffic. Another important factor is the durability and porosity of the tile.

In addition to that you must pay attention to the size of tile you want. These modern home tiles are available in various sizes. Usually small tiles are used in kitchens and bathrooms while big tiles are used in bedrooms and living rooms. Similarly the material of tiles also depends on where you wish them to be installed for example waterproof tiles are required when it comes to bathrooms whereas durable and easy to clean tiles are required when it comes to kitchens.

Modern home tiles add to the beauty of your house and enhance the look of it. Not only that it makes your house and its rooms more stylish and attractive.

Below are five types of tiles recommended for modern homes :

Porcelain tiles:

  • Porcelain tile is said to be an all purpose tile and it is available in a wide range of styles, colors and designs. These modern home tiles have an elegant finish and enhances the beauty of your room.
  • They can be used outdoors as well because they have high resistance properties and do not fade or crack. Even it can be used in high traffic areas as well such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Ceramic tiles:

  • Ceramic tiles are highly preferred tiles because they are very durable and easy to clean. They are available in many styles and basically fit every design.
  • These tiles can be used in almost every room of your house whether it is the bathroom, living room, bedroom or kitchen. Ceramic tiles are very enduring and long-lasting.

Glass tiles:

  • Glass tiles are basically stain free tiles. Any acidic food or substance such as lemon, vinegar can be easily cleaned without getting permanently stained.
  • This type of tile is highly recommended for kitchens as it is prone to stains but with glass tiles stains can be easily wiped off without any permanent damages.

Marble tiles:

  • These modern home tiles add to the beauty of your house instantly and makes it look more elegant. If you are looking for beautiful tiles to enhance the look of your house then marble tiles are best recommended.
  • It also comes in many styles, designs and textures giving you an opportunity to select from a wide range and look for something unique and best that totally complements your room.

Mosaic tiles:

  • Mosaic tiles totally beautify the look of the room where they are installed. You can also experiment with these tiles as they come in different shapes, sizes, materials and colors.