Best Laptops for Teachers; How to Pick the Right One


If you are a teacher you might already noticed that as the time changes, your profession already changed with a very fast rhythm. Many facilitating tools are in the career now and you have to be up-to-date with these updates in your loved profession.

One of these things most of the teachers nowadays are familiar with is the laptop. The laptop is a necessary thing now more than ever. It will save you time and effort. But, as a teacher or online instructor, you have specific needs in your laptop. The laptop you pick should be one of those best laptops for teachers, which means it fits your exact needs.

Here are some few specifications you should go for when picking a laptop for teachers:


Screen Size:

As a teacher, you spend a lot of time reading preparing for lessons and lectures, so don’t also spend an uncomfortable time looking at small screens and focusing. With bigger screens, you will be able to see small details and text with relevance. Another advantage you will have with those big-screen laptops is that you will be benefited from the numeric keypad, laptops with number pad are better when you want to input the student’s marks and filling number tables, and teachers face these situations frequently.



The laptops you will pick should allow you to use the variety of peripherals, data show projector, external monitors, mouse, external hard drives, and it should enable you to connect to the WiFi and the local network. So, you should have USB ports of all types, Type-C port, HDMI/VGA ports and Lan RJ45 port. These ports are extremely important, so you can get connected once needed.


Hard Drive:

You should have a good hard drive in terms of capacity and technology. You should have a good space to be able to store supporting materials, like videos, images, e-books, and sometimes you will need to have specific-purpose applications installed depending on your specialization.  All these files require a good space. So, the laptop you have should at least have 500GB of hard drive space. SSD hard drives are the best to go for, it is a new technology, super-fast due to its electronic nature. If you can’t go for its 512GB hard drive, you can also have less size of SSD, and add additional HDD of the cheap price, or you can use it as an external drive later after buying the laptop.



If you are doing teaching online, this is another reason to have a laptop with an HD webcam, you will guarantee that the image on the other size is crystal-clear. You will be demonstrating your ideas and explain things that require visual interaction, so the webcam is something that you shouldn’t give less care.


Some Final Words

The laptop market is full of laptops of high specifications, but you shouldn’t afford features that you will not use, you should focus on the specs mentioned above to ensure your productivity is high and to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.