Level UP To Train Donates 10K to the Black Lives Matter Movement

Level UP To Train


We are seeing racism for over a few centuries. What brings so many controversies, clashes & mostly, the hate on the opposite race? However, a recent event took place in the USA where a few police killed a Black American. From there, Black Live Matter Movement originated. Our LeVeL UP To Train donated 10,000 USD to this movement. Hopefully, this might help everyone to become equal again. However, we need to know a few turns to know about the full scenario & to adjust our perspective. You will know what to know in the next sections.


Things Everyone Should Know

A few things should be considered before making any perspective towards any race. History & recent scenario comparison is also a great asset of knowing everything. However, let’s see how to make things clear.


Ancient History

Europeans started colonizing since 1200AC. From there, they have sailed to different places as merchants & later they have colonized that area with their greater technology. The Europeans are mostly white & they have shown them as a greater race back then & until now, they are showing it. But the French revolution, other revelations & treaties has removed those biased thoughts & placed black as equals in pen & papers. But in the real scenario, they are still treated as minor in a few areas & what makes the society unequal. However, the clashes are taking place & took place based on these race but sometimes, these clashes & movements’ results as new opportunities for Black people.


Recent Scenario 

Gorge Floyd was the citizen of the USA but he was black. So, a few policemen captured him & killed him without any reason in Minneapolis. And in another case, police broke into the people’s home without any search warrant & in that time, they entered into the home of Breonna Taylor, a 26 years old emergency room technician, & killed him. In both cases, they have shown something bad & that’s so much inappropriate in the countries where equality is a great concern.


The donation will help what?

The Donation will help the movement in achieving equality in a much wide range. It can also provide the best support when finance in black society is low. They can start something new & innovative that might surpass the industries of white, and that can also be potential answers to all those words that stopped them from growing.

If we have to put it, then we will tell like that, people might go to the organization from they will get aid to establish something new what can potentially encourage whites to appreciate the outcome & also they will value the ideas of blacks. Through this, they might start a new era of equality & hence, they might start an era of superiority. So, our contribution will show a great result in the long run & what will change the world in a new way. We are on the journey with the little contribution & you should join too.



In a nutshell, Black or White, everyone belongs to the human race. We have everything the same & those are so important for us to understand. We are something that God created perfectly. But we don’t want to draw a line to distinguish ourselves with some minor change. So, it’s important for us to know about the power of unity & equality. Support us in our journey & stay with us for something greater to establish in the future and also to avoid such racism.