Practical Suggestions on Result Oriented Digital Marketing in COVID 19 Era


COVID has brought about changes in daily life and acted as a huge setback for almost every industry. The way to recover or best case scenario, improve the profits? Result-oriented customer marketing. Businesses need to adapt to the changes brought by COVID, to ensure they can cope with the changes in the customer’s behavior.

According to Brainvire, currently, the financial markets are the most volatile they have been in several past decades. Front the marketing perspective, a big shift in the economy directly demands a big shift in marketing strategies.

Here are some marketing suggestions which would help improve your business reach in the COVID 19 era

1. Switching to the mobile-first approach

Even though everyone’s working from home, with their desktops/laptops within reach, users prefer to spend their time on mobiles. According to this report by Statista, even though there was a drop about 2 years ago, we are currently seeing an increase in the number of mobile users.

Even if you haven’t included mobiles and portable devices in your marketing strategy yet, the COVID era will be the best time to do it. People will be so used to sitting at their work desks all day, their only digital escapes remain to be mobiles.

2. Providing value

COVID has been an eye-opener for everyone in the world, we know now the importance of small things which we previously took for granted. Providing discounts, freebies, special offers, will not only help you gain new customers but will also help you retain them for a longer time.

The increase or decrease in the competition in the current time largely depends on your business niche and industry. A pre-marketing analysis will help you with what approach would be best for your niche. Building relationships, even though it may mean lesser profit, is the marketing motto to go by in the COVID era.

3. Focusing on eCommerce

The YoY growth of the eCommerce industry has been absolutely tremendous. Ecommerce is not only convenient, but it also offers low pricing and easier ordering, making it essential in times when social distancing and wearing masks is a norm.

Planning on eCommerce is a must for businesses that are product based, especially as more and more people are shifting towards online buying. Channelizing your resources to marketing your eCommerce profile in the COVID era, can give you a head start for the future.

4. Social media marketing

With people bored at their homes, social media has seen a recent boom in the number of users. Whether a service-based or a product-based business, it is a must to include social media in your marketing strategy. People usually confuse it with having a social media presence, the actual social marketing involves a lot more things.

With how addictive social media is, people will still remain hooked to these platforms even after the end of the COVID crisis. You should use this to your advantage by improving your social marketing by improvising on how users will act post this crisis.

Conclusion These were just a few places that needed correction to work in sync with the changes brought upon by the COVID crisis. Altering the marketing strategy at this time is but a necessity, as the first rule of marketing is to be where the customers are.