All set to build the home of your dreams? Congratulations! You are finally ready to do something you have been saving for all your life. We all deserve something great after so much patience.

Structural engineers are qualified and experienced to structure better, safer, and economical homes using the available resources. Sometimes even the experienced structural engineers fail to work up to the client’s mark.

To check if the structural engineer is polished enough to meet your requirements you have to look for a few things;


The first and foremost thing you need to look for is “qualification” as the structural engineers are hired to handle complex matters so a non-qualified person would be of no help. Remember! Only a qualified, well-trained structural engineer can identify the site problem, area of concern, and resolve the issue. So, do not hire the incompetent engineers that have not gained any basic qualification and training.


Structural engineers are required to be registered by the law as their work involves a lot of public dealing. Preferring the registered structural engineer gives you the guarantee that you chose the right person for this job. Only a well qualified registered engineer can use physics, cutting edge technology, mathematics, and other basic tools to build a residential home that is safe for humans and the environment.


Do not solely rely on the qualification and registration, look for the experience as well. No education can teach you what experience school you. Carefully examine their scope of work to know how they are performing in this field. Choose the one that satisfies you completely and leaves no doubts and queries unanswered.

Examine the construction knowledge

Ask a few questions and judge how well they know the construction industry. Only an engineer that knows this industry well can use the basic tools to minimize the cost and bring the rough architecture piece to buildable shape. Moreover, he should have a familiarity with building codes as well.

Last but not least, hire the innovative thinker

The structural engineer you are about to hire should also be an innovative thinker. If they have to use the same old ways to structure your dream residential home then what’s the point of hiring them anyway? He should be used to thinking out of the box and functioning in innovative ways. To analyze on a scale of one to ten how innovative they are, ask how they have been handling the complex project or situation in all these years?

After examining all these qualities, make sure the engineer has worked on similar projects before. If the engineer has never structured any residential home, consider it a red signal.


Whether you are building a new home or thinking of remodeling the old house, you need a structural engineer to help you handle the complex matters. It’s hard for a naive person to appoint the right person for this job so make sure the engineer is well qualified, registered, experienced, innovative thinker, knows the basic building codes and construction industry well. Search and see what the top engineers in Abilene have passed through to reach this stage.