Feeding the Homeless During the Holidays

Frank Ramirez Port Arthur Texas

This the season for family to spend time with their loved ones.  Serving and helping the homeless during the holidays for the humanitarian cause is perhaps also one of many family’s biggest traditions. There have been many ways to serve the homeless people during the holiday season.

While many of us have been shopping for the “extras” that make life more convenient or pleasurable, the basic necessities of life are the most significant demand for those less fortunate. Voluntarily donating and providing food, shelter, and clothes to those in need is an act of kindness. The act of giving to those we love comes naturally, but for those who give items or time for the benefit of those otherwise unknown to many may find it challenging to recruit other people to join the cause.

Many times it is the police who interact with those whose hardships have led them to life on the street.  Lieutenant Frank Ramirez, a long-time veteran police officer, is one officer that understands that homelessness is not a crime and those that are unfortunate should not be treated as criminals.

Serving the Homeless

There are many philanthropic individuals who are already striving to donate food to homeless people. Partnerships, such as Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas, The Food Bank of Southeast Texas, and the Giving Field on Liberty St, coordinate to provide meals for those in need.  Lieutenant Frank Ramirez has the opportunity first hand to see the results of those efforts and personally contributes in order to continue feeding the homeless in his town named Port Arthur, Texas.  “Many of the underprivileged did not choose the cards that were handed to them.  We cannot stereotype the homeless and believe that we know everyone’s story.”, Ramirez says.  “Many of us have received some sort of assistance at one time or another, whether it has been in a tangible or intangible form.  We should take opportunities for provide assistance to others just as we have been the recipients before.”

Deputy Chief Michael Fratus points out that, in many instances, homelessness is coupled with mental illness.  “Unfortunately, funding is not adequately allocated to tackle the growing issue of mental illness.  Many suffering do not have proper health coverage, limiting their options.  We have launched a program where a police officer is partnered with a mental health official so to provide means in helping to get properly diagnosed and the correct type of assistance.”  Fratus says this initiative has been successful in getting those suffering from mental issues, including the homeless, into medical facilities and out of the jails.

Make the Holidays a bit Cherishing for the Homeless

It is heartbreaking to see many of the homeless people lying lifelessly on the streets and around. These people have an equal right to cherish the holiday seasons. Differing sets of circumstances have brought them to their current conditions, many times beyond their control.

Follow the footprints of individuals like Lieutenant Frank Ramirez and began changing the lives of people.  “Homeless or not, these people are still citizens and a part of our community.  Sometimes we just need a boost to help us in our journey”, says Ramirez.   He is attempting to make a difference in the lives of homeless people residing in Port Arthur, Texas.  He remarks that serving the needy and homeless people can bring comfort and happiness to your soul as well.  This is a way to strive for mutual satisfaction.

Here are ways that anyone can participate in helping those that are homeless:

  • Educating Yourself

Educate yourself about the problems that a homeless person is more likely to deal with. Develop a positive perspective of them in your mind. Do not always believe the assumptions that come around about them.

It is not always the lack of struggle, unemployability, addiction, or a mental illness that has brought them here. The story could be profound so, always try to lend them an ear.

Some of the things that have happened in your life are out beyond your control. It could be a possible reason for the life they are living.

  • Reaching Out to Them

Although homeless people need money, they are in dire need of availing of the necessities of life. However, giving them time, respect, and attention are also attributes that could not be reciprocated.

They may have experienced the loss of dignity in the past because in the present, they are residing on the nearby streets. There may be the likelihood of you making a person’s day better.

Likewise, taking the example of Lieutenant Frank Ramirez, it is imperative to say that he is reaching out to the people of Port Arthur, Texas, and giving them his time.

Take the homeless people with you at the places of your worship. Always try to include the ones who are getting ignored. If there is a group of children you may encounter, the best way is to arrange an outing with them for a day.

  • Donating to Them

Your donation could go a long way for them. All you need to do is collect all the extras from your home that are not in use. Begin distributing out to such people lying in an open area. These commodities may include a bag, towel, blanket, warm clothes, a large rug, or anything like that.  Many times you will find that local churches or other organizations are already doing this, so you may join one of them.

It is imperative to say that donating your food and drinks to the homeless people have no match. You can provide homeless people directly or contribute to some kind of charitable organization that will ultimately serve the deserving ones.

  • Showing Kindness

Providing homeless people with the right amount of supplies to fulfill basic needs is essential. Yet, the complementary to it is showing kindness to them. Service is what can make their souls happy.

You could be the one who can help them in boosting up their morale. Simply show them that they are as valuable to you as your friends, providing a feeling of support will help a person stand up for himself with courage.

Final Thoughts

They are many people you could easily find living on the streets who are left with no reason to be happy and give thanks these holidays.

Lieutenant Frank Ramirez is trying his best to feed and provide for homeless people by donating his time and money. Making the people of Port Arthur, Texas, feel like home is an act of virtue. More and more people should join him in his cause to make a collective effort and bring the homeless people back to their brighter world.

Let’s make an effort together!