Who is Chris Morocco

Chris Morocco is an American Chef born in Newtown, Massachusetts. He is popularly known as a food editor for ‘Bon Appetite’ a YouTube channel show that started building its presence in the year 2017.

Before joining the culinary arts however Chris was a booking manager at vogue, but according to him from since childhood he had a deep appreciation for food. Fashion was never a real interest for him so he left vogue and pursued an education at a culinary institute to sharpen his culinary skills.

Since then Chris has been working in the culinary industry, where he has gained much popularity because of his skills and rich foods.

Morocco’s Family and Education

There has been much discussion about Morocco’s sexual preferences however according to research carried out it is said that he is married and currently lives with his wife and children. Chris himself came out and informed the public that he married a woman in one of his videos to get rid of the notion that he was gay. Chris Morocco wife is called Amber Bennet and together they live in Brooklyn, New York with their two sons Finn and Alec.


Despite the discussion on his sexual preferences, Chris popularity was never impacted negatively, he continues to grow because of his culinary skills. His love for food has gained him the respect he needs in the industry. His rich foods and skills have gained him many followers on social media so it is no wonder that unsubstantiated gossip surfaced.


He has become a beloved culinary chef and online personality because of his unique taste buds, culinary and instructional skills. He is currently considered a master chef in the industry.

Chris Morocco attended the Oberlin college in 2013 where he completed his education with a BA in French and he also attended a culinary institute where he completed his education in culinary arts.



Morocco’s Journey

From Vogue booking manager to popular culinary artist. Chris’s culinary journey began after he left vogue because according to him ‘fashion was never a real interest for him’. He attended a culinary institute back in 2010 and upon completion, he moved on to make a name for himself in the industry.


He is currently employed as a Test Kitchen Director at Bon Apetit, a popular YouTube channel show but before this, he was employed as an associate food editor. He, however, left this position back in 2013 and moved to Real Simple magazine and was employed as a Staff Food Editor the very year.


In 2015 he decided to leave the Real Simple magazine and interestingly decided to move back to Bon Apetit as a Test Kitchen Director. Since then he has grown his Instagram page to about 500,000 followers gaining a lot of interest among the public.

Additionally, due to his regular appearances on the Bon Apetit show the YouTube channel has now surpassed six million subscribers and over one billion views!