Exploring new social norms and status through Instagram.

The world in which humans live has changed from what it used to be ten to twenty years ago. Many things have changed, but the thing that changed the most is the people’s normal life that a person used to have twenty years ago. Some of the changes in one’s life were for good, but they are many bad things that accompanied them. All of these changes were hand in hand with the development in the tech field. The day smartphones were launched in the market was the day when the life of humans changed drastically. The way when a simple thing was used to do it has completely changed now. With the help of smartphones and the internet, the world has indeed become a very small place. One of the major things that changed people’s lives for good was the creation of social media.


Social media and their platforms:

Social media is a platform where two or more people can talk to each other, interact with each other, and form different bonds. In layman’s terms, one can say that social media is a platform where a person can meet new people. There is a variety of social media platforms worldwide, and all of them have their edge in their social media game. Some of the most important social media platforms are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.; some of them have been downloaded more than a billion times. Big Social media companies have impacted so much in one’s life and made so much money that the top ten richest people in the world have many founders of social media companies.

 The world of Instagram:

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms all around the world. It is said that there are over a billion active members on Instagram. Because of that, Instagram is the new name in the town. With its picture and reels feature, it has become one of the most important social media platforms globally. So much is its importance that people often compare their numbers of followers and how much likes they get on their pictures and posts to flaunt their social presence. People feel good when they see that they are getting good likes and comments on their posts and pictures.


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