The Best Bikes for the Year 2024 – Valving Shims Edition!


The new collection of dirt bikes or motocross bikes is here; the wait is over, guys. If you are someone who loves bikes as much as me, you must have been anticipating the releases of 2024. Since the releases of 2024 are finally here, we can rest assured that they have better performance and the most rigorous designs in the history of motocross bikes.

My personal favorite is Honda CRF450R; since I don’t know what you guys prefer, I’m not sure about what you guys are going to like. Still, let us know about the bike you think is the best and why!


The 450cc masterpiece of Honda, the CRF450R. Not only do they have changed the position of the batter, but they also have updated the suspension and the mapping. Talking about the suspension, I can understand that people get skeptical about it, but you don’t need to worry. All you need is a good auto parts shop that keeps you notified of the things you need. Yes, I am talking about Valving Shims. Talking from experience, they have been there for me for a very long time, and they are good at what they do. Moreover, the new mapping makes the bike easier to handle and gives you more grip on the road.


For people who love a little more and something extra, Honda might have the next best thing in store for you. Honda always makes sure that their customers get something extra from the original model, so consider CRF450RWE the top of the line edition of the amazing 450R. This model has a number of upgrades in several areas, including exhaust canisters, a ported head, and titanium nitride coating for the forks. The graphics on this baby are amazing, and in case you damp your snowmobile shock shims, contact Valving Shims today!


As per the 2019 upgrade, KX450 has now become the best bike for people who love dirt racing. They completely redesigned the entire structure of the bike in 2019, making sure that every mechanical change possible was provided; moreover, they also changed the chassis completely. Similarly, the 2024 model has no changes mechanically but has been made light weighted as compared to the previous model. However, once you buy the bike, I suggest that you get the motocross suspension tuning for a surreal riding experience. According to Dirt Bike Magazine, it is the most favorite bike of all kinds of riders!


The Husqvarna FC450 shares the engine of KTM 450 SX-F, but after due testing, the company has been able to introduce some upgrades in the model. The bike itself is unique in every way, and we all know Husqvarna is famous for its amazing design. However, one problem that has been there in the models put forward by Husqvarna is that their shock shims get torn off easily. This is why professionals at Valving Shims advise every dirt bike rider to get their shock shims replaced as soon as possible, considering it as a preventive measure.

KTM 450 ST-F

Similar to Husqvarna FC450, KTM 450 ST-F also got an upgrade – from its entire body to its entire engine. We can say that it easily got a new and more stable frame, along with a new expandable head. The new mapping allows you to have more grip on the road. Moreover, one recommendation for the model is that you get the best-customized snowmobile shock shims. Snowmobile shock shims will help you gain more power and better suspension on the road. Therefore, make sure that everything in your bike is up to date and your riding experience is enhanced!


Last but not least, Suzuki RM-Z450 is the best dirt bike out there. The beauty RM-Z motor uses plug-in couplers to shift between maps while riding. The bike with the best riding experience along with the cheapest pricing. Professionals say that RM-Z’s handling is far ahead in comparison to others. From the engine to the suspension, everything in the dirt bike is just beautiful. You can rest assured that you won’t be needing any upgrade once the bike has everything in place. However, if you want some adjustments to be made, Suzuki always allows the user a wide range of options and customization plans that they can apply to the bike.


As I mentioned earlier that my personal favorite is Honda CRF450R, but I am still waiting for you guys to share which bikes you would prefer and why. We love reviewing and getting feedback about different bikes to expand our knowledge about bikes!