Expert Advice – How To Choose Your Wig?

How To Choose Your Wig


But worry not, just follow these tips by experts and you’ll find the wig that will suit you the most: 

Selection of Cut 

Wondering – Which cut to choose according to the shape of my face? Depending on the shape of your face, one cut will be more suitable than another. Let’s find out which one suits your face best:

For Round Faces:

It will be ideal to opt for a wig that will lengthen your face. Go for long and mid-length hair prostheses with more volume on the top of the head than on the cheeks. This will slim your face considerably. If you prefer short hair, you can opt for a wig that offers volume. To allow a more refined effect, avoid the fringes as they will cover your face. 

For Oval Faces:

This face shape is optimal as it allows you to wear any type of wig cut. If you have an oval face, you can use smooth, curly, long and medium-length, and blonde human hair wigs.

For Thin Faces:

When you have a thin face, the ideal is to opt for a wig that has volume on the sides. This will allow you to highlight your face’s features. Short models are the most suitable. However, you can also turn to models of long and medium layered hair. Regarding the hair type, wavy and curly human hair wigs will emphasize your features. 

For Long Faces

For people with a long face, we recommend a layered wig model going up to the shoulders. You can also favor models with bangs that will break the length of your face.

For Triangular Faces

If you have an imposing jaw and a small forehead, you can opt for a long and mid-length hair wig with a gradient. It will balance the shape and refine the lower part of your face. On the other hand, if your forehead is large and the lower part of your face is thin, you can use a model that will offer you volume on the lower face. The ideal wig for this purpose is a layered or wavy cut with angled bangs.

Note: You must also take into account which size to choose to feel comfortable on a daily basis. 

Choose A Wig Adapted To Your Head Size

To be comfortable with your wig, you have to choose the right size. To do this, you must first know the different sizes of wigs that exist. For women, there are three size ranges:

  • Small: between 52 and 54 cm
  • Standard between 55 and 57 cm
  • Large size: between 58 and 60 cm

You can adjust each model’s size by a few centimeters using Velcro with elastic bands or small hooks located inside the cap. You can measure your head circumference using a tap measure. For women with long hair, tie your hair in a ponytail to facilitate the measurement.

Comfort Is The Key Element

The comfort of your wig is an essential factor to consider when making your purchasing decision. Indeed, if you plan to use your hair prosthesis daily, it is better to invest in greater comfort. Of course, the more comfortable a wig, the higher the price. That’s why best human hair wigs are costly than others. 

Finally – The Color Of The Hair Prosthesis

Hair wig are available in more than 100 shades. Choose what looks good on you as per your complexion.  If your complexion is fair, you can go for warm colors. This will create a contrast and highlight your face. Therefore you can choose dark blonde, brown, dark brown or copper. Contrary, if you have a choclaty complexion, you can opt for lighter color in 360 lace wig of human hair.

Stay tuned for more such posts, keep smiling and remember you’re beautiful.