Allowance made to parents

Parents who place their children in day care are paid allowance. The allowance, however, is both dependent on income and independent on income.

The allowance independent on income is paid by the employer of the parent while the allowance dependent on income is paid by the Dutch government. The independent allowance however is not gotten directly from the employer, the Dutch tax authorities makes it available to the parent. The total of both allowances is known as kinderopvangtoeslag.

The bulk of allowance solidly depends on the following:

  • The number of children owned.
  • Precise costs of all day care services.

Allowance collection

Dutch citizens are required to make arrangements with the Dutch tax authorities before they’ll be able to receive their allowances. Major alterations to lifestyle like marriage or divorce should be checked with the tax authorities online.



Expats must have a Dutch nationality or permanent residence in the Netherlands before entitlement to allowances. Any child on whom child benefit is received should be living with the expat. It’s very important as an expat to ensure any child care service is registered with the Landelyk Register Kinderopvang (LRK) – National Childcare Registration. No expat’s ward must attend middle or high school yet.

Even after loos of job, a parent is entitled to still receive the allowance for six months. If the individual does not get another job after six months, the allowance is stopped. About thirty four to ninety six percent is the range of the hourly amount that will be paid to the parent. It all depends on amount earned.

There are special cases when the municipality will have to assist in paying for day care services.

  • Students without jobs are entitled to receiving help from their respective municipality.
  • Artists in search of work based on the Work an Income for Artists Act are entitled to this opportunity as well.
  • Any parent under the age of 18 years is under this category as well.


The day care program is an excellent scheme that assists parent to take care of their children in healthy environment. The scheme assists children in growing up to have an added advantage compared to kids who did not attend them. They boost the intellectual, emotional, physical and psychological health of children. Children are able to form emotional attachment with other people and are able to effectively develop their communicative and cognitive skills. is able to help direct parents to day care services that give superb commitment, care and moral education.

The varieties of day care services include: crèche, host parents, child minders, local baby sitters, preschool teachers, parent participation day care, au pair, after school day care and toddler groups.

The program formulated by the Dutch government to help parents pay for the costs of day care is highly effective, as it enables even low income parents to apply for this program. Expats are also not left out. They also included on this scheme.